Michael Moore Is Not Taking Bernie Sanders’ Loss In Michigan Very Well (VIDEO)

Joe Biden turned out a surprising win in Michigan’s Democrat primary this week.
Bernie Sanders supporter Michael Moore was not happy about it. He appeared on MSNBC that night.
Townhall reports:
After Bernie Got Pummeled Last Night, Michael Moore Had Something of a Meltdown on MSNBC
Left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore is probably having a bad day right now. His candidate, Bernie Sanders, got totally demolished yesterday in the mini-Super Tuesday that included the key Michigan primary. In 2016, Bernie pulled off an upset win over Hillary Clinton. In 2020, it flipped for Biden—big league.
Bernie is a loser with Black Democrats and now suburbanites and white working-class voters in the North. Or at the very least, his standing has greatly diminished with the latter group. The iceberg to this was seen when Biden won Maine and Minnesota on Super Tuesday, states that were considered Bernie-land…
On election night, Moore apparently had something of a meltdown, noting that the vote total doesn’t reflect the support Bernie has and that those Democrats who are backing other candidates are doing so in bad faith apparently.
Max Burns, a Daily Beast writer and Democratic strategist summarized the meltdown, noting, like others on Twitter, that Moore’s post-Super Tuesday 2.0 interview with Brian Williams was an incoherent mess.
Watch the video:
Michael Moore on tonight's primaries: "Asking people to do two things-- get rid of Trump and get rid of the system, political and economic system that gave us Trump-- was too much to ask for people who were just like 'Can we just get rid of Trump?'"
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Michael Moore is a mess tonight. He still can not accept that he does not have his finger on the pulse of Michigan this election cycle. There is absolutely no malaise in MI, or the country. Opposite! America is speaking... so loudly, that everything has turned Biden Blue. listen!
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Poor Michael.

Imagine what election night is going to be like for him.
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