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5-year-old dies after drinking mom's meth-laced bong water. Instead of taking child to hospital, mom watched her hallucinate for hours. Now, she's under arrest.

A 5-year-old Colorado girl has  died  of a methamphetamine overdose after drinking water from her mother's homemade bong.   Au...

A 5-year-old Colorado girl has died of a methamphetamine overdose after drinking water from her mother's homemade bong.

Authorities arrested the child's mother and two other people in connection with the child's December death.

What are the details?

Sophia Larson drank the deadly water mixture after she saw it in a water bottle on Dec. 10, according to a report in Newsweek.
The 5-year-old girl said that the water was "yucky" and proceeded to get sick. Her mother, 26-year-old Stephanie Alvarado, realized that her daughter drank from the water bottle, which was previously used as a pipe to smoke methamphetamine. Alvarado reportedly shared the meth with her cousins, 27-year-old Daniel Alvarado, and 26-year-old Bertha Karina Ceballos-Romo that very day.
According to court documents, Alvarado and her cousins watched the child hallucinate for several hours and did not call for help because they were worried about legal trouble. Instead, the family reportedly tried home remedies and prayer to bring the child out of her drugged state.
When the child stopped breathing, Alvarado and her cousins reportedly took the child to an unnamed family member's home, where an oxygen machine was present.
When it was apparent that the oxygen machine wouldn't work on the child, they transported her to Grand River Hospital in Rifle, Colorado. Doctors declared her dead on Dec. 12.
Robert Glassmire, Garfield County coroner, said the child had a "very, very high" level of methamphetamine in her system. Her death was ruled as overdose as a result of methamphetamine intoxication.
Authorities arrested Alvarado and her cousins and charged them with child abuse resulting in death, possession of a controlled substance, and reckless endangerment.

Anything else?

The child's father, 23-year-old Alex Larson, says he ended his relationship with Alvarado about one year ago because of her substance abuse issues.
Larson says he'll never forgive Alvarado or her family for his daughter's death.
"If they would have taken her [to the hospital] when they saw my daughter drank that, she may have been a little slow and not right in the head — but my daughter would still be here with me today," he said.

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