Multiple News Outlets Run ‘Guides’ for ‘Shutting Down’ Trump Supporters During Thanksgiving Dinner

Splashed across the front of nearly every news outlet during the week of Thanksgiving were “guides” for how deal either “deal with” or “shut down” your relatives who support President Donald Trump during dinner.

It seems as though the liberal media knows that their readers never actually leave their echo chambers and no longer know how to socialize like normal human beings. 
In The Hill’s guide, titled “How to shut down your Trump-supporting family member at Thanksgiving dinner,” Marik Von Rennenkampff provided a laundry list of complaints about the administration that he wants you to spout at your loved ones.
The hyper-partisan writer ironically stated that “political discussions should not be about left or right, Democrat vs. Republican. Instead, they should be about what is objectively right or wrong for the country.”
“With these realities in mind, the facts are simply not on Trump’s side,” they asserted, before listing their grievances.
Over in the Atlantic, the Director of the Antiracist Research and Policy Center at American University, Ibram X. Kendi, penned a piece titled “How to Talk About the Truth and Trump at Thanksgiving.”
“And how can we forget the victims of Trumpism? In avoiding our relatives, we are ignoring the harm of Trump, at the same time we claim to oppose Trump, at the same time we claim to support equity and justice. In keeping the peace with our relatives, we are prolonging the war against everything and everyone we claim to hold dear in the United States of America,” Kendi moaned, before asserting that readers should win their relatives over with “facts.”
Kendi concluded that “it is impossible to reconcile truth and Trump, but it is possible to reconcile the consumers of truth and Trump. It is possible to liberate our relatives from their abusive relationship with Trump’s alternative reality, where he always is the victim and they are always his defenders.” 

Raw Story was even more blunt in their piece, naturally. Their article was titled “Here are 5 one-liners to fight back against your right-wing family members at Thanksgiving dinner,” because clearly they understand that their readers are actually quite ill-informed. The writer repeatedly urged their readers to quote comedian John Oliver as some kind of mic drop moments.

Even USA Today got in on taction, publishing a piece titled “Thanksgiving in the age of Donald Trump: 9 ways to avoid political food fights.” Their article, refreshingly, was aimed at urging both sides to keep cool heads.
For example, their rule number seven was “no baseball caps at the table. Ever. Especially those that say “Make America Great Again” or “Make Racism Wrong Again.”
Perhaps everyone should just shut up and eat. 
On the bright side, these outlets probably won’t need to run repeat guides for Christmas — since anyone who followed their Thanksgiving tips aren’t likely to be invited back.
Multiple News Outlets Run ‘Guides’ for ‘Shutting Down’ Trump Supporters During Thanksgiving Dinner Multiple News Outlets Run ‘Guides’ for ‘Shutting Down’ Trump Supporters During Thanksgiving Dinner Reviewed by STATION GOSSIP on 03:14 Rating: 5

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