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Antifa targets, attacks, sends independent journalist to hospital for filming their 'protest' - and they robbed him too

Antifa has dropped out of the news over the last few months, but it's not for lack of activity. They still show up at every major even...

Antifa has dropped out of the news over the last few months, but it's not for lack of activity. They still show up at every major event, at any protest, at rallies, and essentially anywhere they can cause trouble. One might assume they're out of the news because bigger stories and the national attention span have been elsewhere, but maybe it's because this very violent group is attacking reporters who dare to share the facts about them.

Especially when doing so involves documenting their actions with video and photos.
That's exactly what the independent journalist Andy Ngo does, and he has paid for it more than once. This time, that includes a visit to the hospital after being beaten bloody and robbed by Antifa "activists" on Saturday. 

The event, if it can be called that, was the "Community Self-Defense Against Proud-Boy Attack" protest, staged by Antifa in Portland. Andy Ngo, an editor at Quillette and a frequent documenter of Antifa activity, was specifically named by the group in their pre-protest organizing.

Note the specific invitation to violence, when they say they understand some people "cannot engage in physical confrontation." Obviously, others can, and should, it means.

And they did.

First, Ngo did, as he has many times before, filmed Antifa as they conducted their masked protest. You can hear them mention him by name. 

Eventually they began to escalate.
And escalate some more.

.@MrAndyNgo just punched and hit several times, chemically sprayed by protesters while live-streaming antifa protest in Portland

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Attacked by antifa. Bleeding. They stole my camera equipment. No police until after. waiting for ambulance . If you have evidence Of attack please help

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The attack and subsequent emergency vehicle, police intervention did not slow Antifa, nor compel the Portland police to stop the protest, which was illegally blocking traffic in downtown, something they do fairly regularly in the extremely progressive city.

@PortlandPolice attempt to disperse in-permitted march, blocking traffic
This woman got trapped in her car sitting at a traffic light when the mob illegally flooded the streets in

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Listen to this Antifa militant shouting "fall back" as if they are conducting military action. That sort of paramilitary delusion is also a hallmark of the group.
The police, on the other hand, do not have the same resolve. A few Tweets...

PPB advising crowd to clear the streets. Throwing substances and objects at people constitutes harassment. If you participate in this behavior you are subject to arrest.

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This is now a civil disturbance and unlawful assembly. Please disperse immediately.

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Do not constitute investigation or arrest.

On way to hospital. Was beat on face and head multiple times in downtown in middle of street with fists and weapons. Suspects at large.

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Twitchy shared a particularly salient Tweet, worth sharing and repeating, calling out CNN's Chris Cuomo for his past praise of Anitifa.

The entire media is exactly as complicit. They are fine with the violence and civil unrest brought on by Antifa because they see them as fellow travelers. The leftist media is comfortable with harm coming to those with whom they ideologically differ. Especially at CNN and the New York Times.
So don't expect any condemnation. instead, expect the media to write and talk about this, if they do it all, only to explain how Andy Ngo is an undesirable who got what he deserved.
As for the lady trapped In her car or other citizens routinely terrorized by Antifa thugs? Well those are just the acceptable collateral damage. After all, #Resistance comes first. For the left and the press, if one can tell the difference anymore.

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