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The Museum of London Wants to Make 'Trump Baby' Blimp Part of Its Permanent Collection

20-foot inflatable "Trump Baby" blimp set to fly over London during President Donald Trump's state visit to Britain could soo...

20-foot inflatable "Trump Baby" blimp set to fly over London during President Donald Trump's state visit to Britain could soon earn a spot in the Museum of London's "permanent" collection to mark a "controversial moment" in history, museum officials say.

The Trump Baby balloon, which depicts the president as an angry smartphone-wielding infant, was initially created last summer to protest Trump's July visit to Britain after a crowdfunding campaign to fund the project blew up online, attracting more than £28,500 in donations.

On Tuesday, nearly a year later, Trump Baby is set to fly once again, with protesters planning to raise the 20-foot balloon over Parliament Square for two hours, during a planned meeting between the U.S. leader and Britain's outgoing Prime Minister, Theresa May.

With the blimp encapsulating a "controversial moment" in history, Museum of London Director Sharon Ament told Newsweek that she hopes to see the 20-foot blimp become a "permanent" part of the museum's "protest collection," along with a balloon that was made in the likeness of London Mayor Sadiq Khan, after his office approved plans to fly the Trump Baby blimp over the city.

"Both of these balloons are shining examples of political satire," Ament said. "And of course, satire is always about the big issues of the day."

If the Museum of London is able to obtain both blimps, they would join thousands of other symbols of protests held throughout London's history, including the Suffragette marches of the early 20th century, the anti-austerity protests of 2011 and climate change rallies held in more recent years.

"We have thousands of objects from all sorts of protests that have happened in London and this one is very interesting for us at this moment in time," Ament said of the Trump Baby blimp.

The Museum of London director said that "strong dialogue" is already underway with Trump Baby's creators, with Ament asserting that it will be "up to them when they decide that the object is ready to be given to us."

"Clearly, they have use for it at the moment," she added.

However, Ament said the Museum of London is planning to relocate in coming years to a venue that will have more space to house the 20-foot balloon–and which is expected to open in 2024, the year that Trump's presidency would come to an inevitable end if he were to win re-election in 2020.

"Once it does come to the museum, its active life will cease," Ament said of the Trump Baby balloon. "But it will then become part of the story of London."

While a deal has yet to be struck between the museum and Trump Baby creators, who have not immediately responded to a request for comment from Newsweek, Ament said she already has an idea of how the blimp would be put on display.

With helium presenting a potential safety hazard, the museum director said the balloon would likely be fitted over a mold and suspended from the ceiling "so it will look like its full-size."

Ament said that while she expects some opposition to the museum's bid to put Trump Baby on permanent display, she believes it is important to preserve an emblem of an important time in history.

"We're thinking about what will be of interest and what will be evocative for future generations," she said. "What we want from all of our collections is for people to feel stimulated, to ask themselves questions."

Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump arrived at London's Stansted Airport on Monday, kicking off a three-day visit expected to include a lavish white-tie dinner with Queen Elizabeth II, in addition to a meeting with Prime Minister May.

Thousands of protesters are expected to make their opposition to the president's presence in the United Kingdom and policies in the United States clear over the course of the week, with a "national demonstration" planned in Trafalgar Square.

The state visit has been timed to coincide with the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings, with both Trump and first lady Melania Trump expected to attend a special ceremony marking the occasion on Wednesday.


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  2. How about adding the ropes used to HANG the PEDOpriests and Politicians who flooded their own Nation with 3rd world savages.

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    idiotic, deranged Trump lets imbicile Pompeo and criminaly insane John
    "Lipbroom" Bolton steer the US in a war with Iran, ordered by his
    zionist bosses. This halfwit even believes that the sound of Windmills
    causes cancer!!

    Trio Infernal, working on making America great again...

  4. Trump Derangement Syndrome = Addled People who think Pussygrabber Trump is a real politcian and a good president, instead of a zionazi sockpuppet, a draftdodger and a pathological liar...

  5. Classic example of the mad ravings of Stage 4 TDS. Get well soon.

  6. You obviously don't understand the first thing about how dirty politics is in the USA. About where the real power is and how the president is very limited in power. Your raging TDS blinds you to think a president is a big deal. You have zero understanding about strategy. Your outbursts are the equivalent to running around aimlessly in a minefield. Just wait and see. A game is being played, as it always is. You can't see a day ahead let alone years. Trump ended the political dynasties of the murderous and corrupt Clintons and Bushes and ended the careers of fake news. For that alone he deserves a statue, even if he is a complete bust in office, which he hasn't been.

  7. Trump is setting those two losers up to fail. There will be no war with Iran or Venezuela. Guaranteed they will be fired by the end of the year. You are shitting your diapers because you know nothing about the world and suffer intense TDS. You learned nothing about Trump from how is handling N. Korea. It's all just sources of power in negotiating, very basic stuff. Incompetent career politicians of the world cannot keep up.

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  9. You think Trump is just playing the idiot? And he really is the reincarnation of Niccolo Machiavelli?
    I have only three letters for you: T!D!S!
    A game is played, I agree, but not by Trump. Have a little reality check:

  10. I like the blimp very much. It's genuinely funny.

    It really is a fitting sarcastic comment about the worst president in American history, the worst leader in the contemporary world, a man busy tearing things apart everywhere.

    I like the spunk of the British people who've demonstrated against this ugly man.

  11. well the trump got his wish;
    he will be immortalized.

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