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MSNBC's Chuck Todd dismantles AOC for comparing immigrant detention facilities to concentration camps

MSNBC host Chuck Todd chastised Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) for comparing illegal immigrant detention facilities to concentrat...

MSNBC host Chuck Todd chastised Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) for comparing illegal immigrant detention facilities to concentration camps on Wednesday.
Ocasio-Cortez has been criticized by Republicans and historians for the comparison, but numerous Democrats came to her defense, and she herself asserted that she would never apologize for what she said. Todd called out Ocasio-Cortez as well as those in her party who refuse to criticize her.
"Why are we all so sheepish calling out people who we agree with politically these days?" Todd asked during an episode of "Meet the Press," a show Ocasio-Cortez has appeared on more than once.
"You can call our government's detention of migrants many things, depending on how you see it. It's a stain on our nation maybe, a necessary evil to others, a deal with untenable situation perhaps. But do you know what you can't call it," Todd said, right before a clip of Ocasio-Cortez making the comment on Instagram Live played.
"...tens of thousands were also brutalized, starved, and ultimately died in concentration camps," Todd said. "If you want to criticize the shameful treatment of people at our border fine, you'll have plenty of company. But be careful comparing them to Nazi concentration camps, because they're not at all comparable."
"But she just did the people there a tremendous disservice by distracting from their plight," Todd said at the end of the segment.

Ocasio-Cortez defended herself against Todd by maintaining that she wasn't referring specifically to Nazi concentration camps.
"Well, @chucktodd - the fact that you slipped in "Nazi" when I never said that is pretty unfortunate. Almost as unfortunate as the fact that you spent this whole time w/o discussing DHS freezers, "dog pounds," missing children, & human rights abuses that uphold use of this term," she wrote.

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