Foxx’s Office Altered Info Given to Public for Smollett’s Lawyers

If there was any doubt that Jussie Smollett received special treatment after being accused of perpetrating a hoax, new documents released by the city of Chicago should remove it.
The former “Empire” actor, who is gay and black, made headlines in late January and early February after he claimed that he’d been the victim of a racially motivated and homophobic attack at the hands of supporters of President Donald Trump in the Windy City.
From the start, there were questions about his credibility … and then police revealed that they were actually investigating him for allegedly inventing the entire hate crime.
Now, documents released by the Chicago Police Department seem to confirm what many have long suspected: The office of left-leaning prosecutor Kim Foxx went out of its way to accommodate Smollett, even going so far as to apologize to his lawyers and work with them to alter the wording of statements to put the actor in a better light.
“Chicago prosecutors were so eager to protect Jussie Smollett, they took the ethically-questionable step of telling cops to stop investigating him — and they even let the actor’s lawyers dictate what to say in court in dropping the charges,” the New York Post reported Friday.
That newspaper is one of several which reviewed documents pertaining to the case released by the Chicago police, and what they found should alarm anyone who cares about even-handed justice.
Amazingly, it appears that the Chicago State’s Attorney Office, run by Foxx, never actually requested to see the evidence against Smollett which had been collected by detectives.
Yet Foxx and her staff still decided to offer Smollett a sweetheart deal by all but clearing him of any wrongdoing, enraging the hard-working Chicago police and even the city’s Democrat mayor in the process.
Beyond taking the bizarre step of telling police to end their investigation before it was finished and not even looking at the evidence, the prosecutor’s office also allegedly pandered to the suspect’s lawyers to help Smollett with his public relations issues.
“Prosecutors bent over backwards to keep Smollett’s lawyers happy, texts released by the state’s attorney’s office Friday night show,” the Post noted.
Messages between Risa Lanier of the criminal prosecutions bureau and Smollett attorney Patricia Brown Holmes reveal Foxx’s deputy seemed more worried about making Smollett look good than making sure he was held responsible for any alleged crimes.
“We are still bouncing around language to use in court tomorrow,” Lanier wrote to Holmes on March 25. “As soon as I receive the final draft I will send it to you.”
After sending the draft of the prosecutor’s language some five hours later, the city employee was apologetic to Smollett’s lawyer.
“Sorry for the delay,” she said.
But it gets even more odd. The actor’s attorneys were apparently not happy with the wording proposed by prosecutors, and demanded that it be altered.
The city obliged.
“Smollett’s lawyer then complains that the prosecutors’ draft statement makes it sound too much like the actor is getting a deal — like the charges are being dropped in return for his doing 15 hours community service,” the Post reported after reviewing the exchange.
“The prosecutor makes the requested adjustment, adding in a return text, ‘I will state this instead. This doesn’t indicate or suggest that he has done anything at the request if [sic] the state.’ To which Smollett’s lawyer answers: ‘I like this one. Thanks,'” the newspaper continued.
Think about this for a moment. Remember, all evidence at that point suggested Smollett had carried out an expensive and damaging hate crime hoax.
Chicago police believed he had committed a crime, which had pulled numerous detectives away from other pressing matters.
But the prosecutor acts as if Smollett is a client, not a suspect in a serious crime, and even changes wording to make him happy.
Do you think another suspect who wasn’t politically connected to powerful liberals would have received the same special treatment?
Here’s the big problem: If this office gets pushed over so easily, there’s no telling what else they’ve dropped in their pursuit of “justice.”
Giving special treatment and sweetheart deals to people is nothing other than political favoritism — and if that’s what happened here, there need to be consequences.
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