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IHOP posts a Mother's Day joke. Outraged social media users take it too seriously, embarrass themselves.

IHOP found itself under fire after making a Mother's Day joke Sunday because some sensitive social media users found to be distasteful...

IHOP found itself under fire after making a Mother's Day joke Sunday because some sensitive social media users found to be distasteful.

What are the details?

IHOP's Twitter account shared the joke in a tweet, which featured a picture of an obstetric ultrasound. The ultrasound showed a healthy stack of pancakes rather than a baby.
The offending tweet read, "If you have pancakes in your tum tum, does that make you a pancake mum mum? Happy Mother's Day to ALL the moms out there!"

What were some of the best reactions?

One user complained, "What the f*** is this s**t? Why didn't you just post a stack of f***ing pancakes like a normal f***ing pancake house?" That particular user's tweet has received more than 2,000 likes at the time of this writing, which makes it one of the most popular tweets on the thread.
Another social media user added, "And @IHOP weighs into the most controversial space in American politics in the last 50 years."
"This is offensive to babies AND pancakes," one Twitter user whined, while another said that they would like to fire the social media person who shared the tweet to begin with. "I would like to personally fire whoever sent this tweet out," the user said.
When the company's Twitter account apparently refused to take the tweet down in the face of criticism, one social media user complained about that, writing, "How is this still up after 4 hours!?"
Another user — who apparently had "medical training" — wrote, "I feel comfortable enough in my medical training thus far to confirm that the uterus is NOT in fact connected to the GI tract."
Finally, at least one user was willing to participate in the joke, chiming in, "LIFE STARTS AT CONSUMPTION."
The company has not removed the tweet at the time of this writing, nor has it spoken out about the backlash it received for sharing the crafty photo.


  1. Can't believe anyone would get upset by this. The person who said "why not just use a pic of a stack of pancakes" is missing the point entirely. They wanted to tie in the pancakes with motherhood for Mother's Day. And for the 'expert' that said the womb isn't part of the gastro tract, that's true but most women use the cute reference to having a baby in their tummy. They don't go around saying they have a baby in their womb! Kudos to IHOP for having great imagination!

  2. There are people who really do live just to find fault with everything and makw everybody miserable, Festers.
    If for a moment they found themselves starting to be happy, It would be somebodys fault.
    A long time ago the onesI met had terminal problems with stairs.
    Share especially with every politician,

  3. Yup, they cant handle jokes anymore, either.

    Like this oldie but goldie:
    Whats the difference between an Woman with PMS and an Terrorist.
    You can negotiate with the Terrorist.


  4. media.. where u can get a 15 minute fame fix (recognition) with a couple of likes (+1's). And u don't need a sense of humor or personality...just a emoji

  5. The turds can't even handle humor any more.......