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AOC claimed world will end in 12 years if climate change not addressed. Now she's changing her tune.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.)  made headlines in January after she claimed the world will end in 12 years if climate change is n...

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) made headlines in January aftershe claimed the world will end in 12 years if climate change is not addressed.
"I think that the part of it that is generational is that millennials, and Gen-Z, and all these folks that come after us, are looking up and we're like, the world is going to end in 12 years if we don't address climate change, and your biggest issue is, your biggest issue is how are we going to pay for it?" Ocasio-Cortez said at the time.
"And like this is the war, this is our World War II," she claimed.
Over the weekend, the controversial freshman lawmaker downplayed her claims in an apparent attempt to walk them back completely.

What did she say?

Writing on Twitter, Ocasio-Cortez mocked Republicans, saying of her claim, "you'd have to have the social intelligence of a sea sponge to think it's literal." 
Ocasio-Cortez walked back her comments Sunday despite previously defending them.
After she was initially mocked for the comments in January, she said, "For some reason GOP seems to think this is a gaffe, but it's actually a generational difference."
The New York lawmaker even doubled down on many of her climate change claims in March during an MSNBC town hall with network host Chris Hayes.
Meanwhile, scientists have heavily pushed back against the 12-year claim, mostly due to the fact that it misrepresents data included in a report by the United Nation's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.


  1. you dont have 12 years

  2. I have been heartbroken by the desperate cries of our students begging for help to halt Climate Change before they are killed by it. Then I realized, IF THEY ARE SERIOUS,THEY could take steps NOW.
    Enough with pointless "protests & demonstrations" , here are actual steps the Youth can take right now to meaningfully fight Global Warming.
    REALLY? Start with the schools:
    (1) Drop school room temperatures down to 65 during the winter. yank ALL air conditioners. Recycle the materials
    (2) WALK or bicycle to school. No more buses or rides.
    (3) No more school trips or events involving travel other than walking or bikes.
    (4) No more HOT lunches. ALL food provided MUST be eaten.
    (5) No more energy wasting swimming pools, showers, amenities.
    (6) Simple utilitarian school uniforms. No more resource wasting "fashions".
    (7) All schools downsized, larger class sizes, smaller classrooms(easier to heat)
    (8) NO "teacher"s to reduce carbon footprint. All lectures will be streamed over the interweb, Why keep reinventing the wheel when the subject matter can be covered expertly by ONE central lecturer, questions answered online. tests online,
    (9) Wandering room monitors suplemented with cameras replace teachers.
    (10) Year round school to speed education. We are not agrarian, kids don't help in the fields today. Why have unused structures 3 months each year.

  3. America is so full of shit it is not funny. MSM whines about AGW then turns around and "celebrates" the opposite.
    Every year MSM praises the High School "athletes" traveling thousands of miles in buses to play little football, baseball, basketball games at different widely separated schools in Northern Michigan.
    Then they have "parades" of hundreds of Jeeps, Cooper Minis, Tractors, that travel from all over the US just to make a big line going over the Mackinac Bridge.
    Do not forget 100,000 people just HAVE to DRIVE there for a Labor Day walk across the bridge, again ...... to no purpose.
    A good place to cut Global Warming:
    . I used to produce sports calendars for many schools, and one thing people don't know is that while they see the schedules of the varsity teams, traveling this way and that, many don't know that the same schedule is going on for 'B' and 'C' squad teams on different days of the week. Then, you add the girl teams, all the same.
    So, for every match of Lincoln High vs. Jefferson High, there are a total of six different bus trips running between schools every week, and that's not counting fan busses. An incredible waste of resources by every school, every week, all across America.
    But then there is an even bigger waste in fuel to heat these buildings, especially in the north. I have thought that all schools, county, state and federal buildings should be forced to install geothermal heating systems. It can be cost prohibitive to refurbish existing structures, but very cheap to install with new construction, as has been for years.
    Especially when you're talking these monstrous government buildings with their intimidating atriums, all these buildings could be heated for only a few hundred dollars per year, with no cost for fuel for decades at a time and, of course, no carbon emissions. A win, win all the way around, especially for taxpayers. But then taxpayers have no advocate in the fraud passing for a government.

  4. The unused structures should be used to house illegal aliens in the off season!!! And then deport the shits when school starts up again.

  5. Dynamite the bridge....waste one can cross a bridge that isn't there!!! Or conversely charge the idiots a minimum of $100 per car to cross the bridge. Use the money to buy up abandoned homes in Detroit and fix them up for homeless folks to live win.

  6. "smaller classrooms (easier to heat)"

    Better yet FILL every class room with live bodies (no dead children allowed) and heat with BODY HEAT ONLY. Too cold just add more bodies.

    When it gets too hot this will not work SO. Dismiss School for the year and earn the undying gratitude of the kids.