School district removes doors from bathroom stalls, girls allegedly forced to bring blankets from home for privacy

One school in Illinois has shocked students, and parents alike, after they made the decision to remove the doors from bathroom stalls after a student allegedly wrote a note in the bathroom threatening a school shooting.
Despite both students and their parents being outraged by the decision, the Beardstown School District is standing by their decision, ABC 20 reports.
After the initial shock of discovering their privacy had been taken away from them, some students have been forced to get creative.
“Mostly girls have been bringing blankets from their house and hanging it up in the stalls so people can’t see them… Yesterday people started putting their shoes and boots in front of the stall so people would know they’re in the bathroom,” Juan Juarez, a Beardstown High School student, where the door-ban has taken effect, told the outlet.
In fact, many female students have raised their concerns over the lack of privacy, but the Beardstown School District says that they will be permitted to use the private restroom in the nurse’s office. This, however, raises concerns if it unfairly causes female students to miss out on class time by not only traveling to the nurse’s office but also having to wait to use the one private restroom available. 
“You have to understand when kids have a place to spend time, whether it’s a minute or five minutes sometimes things happen whether it’s good, bad or otherwise. It has helped limit some of the things that were taking place,” Superintendent Ron Gilbert told ABC 20. He did not immediately respond to Yahoo Lifestyle’s requests for comment.
The school district has taken additional precautions regarding the threat written in the bathroom stall, including allowing students to only enter and exit the school through one door, conducting random searches, and utilizing handheld metal detectors at after-school events.
ABC 20 reports that the school district is listening to parent’s feedback regarding the stall doors and will take that into consideration.
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  1. In the 50's and 60's it was a communist in every shadowed recess, now it's terrorists. There is a huge difference between leaving a threatening note and carrying out the act. Look at how many bomb threats phoned in to airports turn out to be false.

    There needs to be somebody that isn't a screamer to evaluate the validity of a threat. A generic note posted to the wall "might" be something to be concerned about, but not all by itself a reason to put the school in lockdown and do away with stall doors. Taking the doors off of the toilet stalls isn't going to mitigate anything and will just cause more angst. I feel sorry for the young girls since they sometimes have more things to deal with in the restroom than boys. Lining up at the nurses office to use one restroom will mean the nurse is going to need a stack of late passes and spend their time filling them out. What if the nurse is doing their job someplace else and isn't there to let people use that restroom?

    Is all of this grooming for a police state? Start young so they get used to it. Pretty soon clothing will change so there's a special pocket to keep your "papers" so they are easy to present upon demand by everybody from a security patrol officer to the dog catcher.

  2. Schools are just fancy Juvie-Jails.


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