The Most Bizarre And Unlikely Deaths To Ever Really Happen (19 Pics)

These odd ways to die seem too crazy to be true.

Vladimir Ladyzhensky died after only spending six minutes in a sauna during The World Sauna Championships in Finland.

Fagilyu Mukhametzyanov was wrongly declared as deceased,she woke up in her coffin and had a heart attack at her own funeral.

Maria Pantazopoulos fell into a river and drowned during the photo shoot at her wedding.

David Pendleton was fatally shot next to his burial plot while visiting his wife's grave.

A young teen jumped into Piranha infested waters in La Paz,Bolivia.

Danny Vanzandt was found dead in his home. They claimed he was a victim of spontaneous combustion.

Ilda Vitor Maciel of Rio De Janeiro was injected with soup.

Mack Woldford died from a fatal snake bite from one of the serpents kept as a pet by the church he preached for.

William Martinez died while having a threesome with a man and woman.

Brian J Parry shot himself at a gun safety class and died from the self-inflicted wound.

Edward II of England died from someone jabbing a red-hot iron into his back.

In 1478,George Plantagenet,Duke of Clarence,was killed by being drowned. (They hung him upside down submerged his head into a barrel of wine.)

In 1649,Sir Arthur Aston was beaten to death by his own wooden prosthetic leg.

In 1771 Adolf Fredrik ate himself to death.

In 1940,Marcus Garvey died from a heart attack while reading a premature obituary of himself.

Alan Stacey lost control of his car after a bird flew into his face during the Belgian Grand Prix.

An entire soccer team died in The Democratic Republic of Congo by lightening strikes. The home team survived.

During 1993,Gary Goy Threw himself out of an "Unbreakable Window" to demonstrate it could not break

Jimi Heselden ( Inventor of the Segway) drove his own Segway off of a cliff in 2010.

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