Scout's Story

I was on my way to go camping in Southern Missouri when this dog ran out in front of my car, and I narrowly missed hitting it. I quickly pulled over on the side of the highway and spent about 20 minutes trying to coax it into my car. It kept running away and I was about to give up when I got enough cell service for a 30 second phone call to my mom and explained the situation. She suggested I use food to get her into the car, then the call dropped. I threw bits and pieces of a granola bar until she got closer and closer. Poor thing have been about a day or two from dying or getting hit by a car.

I was just going to drop her off at the next town's animal shelter, assuming she would probably be put down, but it would be more humane than getting hit by a car. I didn't realize I was driving in a state park and there were no towns for the rest of the drive to the campsite. I went into town that night and called the local police (ZERO cell service at the site) and the police were on strike (???) that weekend. So, she stayed with us at the campsite.

I was about 2 1/2 hours away from my parents house and my mom only knew the rough location of where I was and had no way to call me. I pulled out of the campsite the next morning with the dog to head to town and passed my mom on the road. She had left at 6 am to drive down and find me to get the dog.
This was Scout when my mom first brought her to the APA in St. Louis. Her teeth were ground down to a nub (they said) from either being stuck in a cage and chewing the bars or chewing on rocks because she was hungry. She was tick and flea ridden and diagnosed with heart worm. She was also terrified of men.

Of course, mom ended up adopting her and named her Scout, which was the name I wanted to name our first dog Daisy, after the character from To Kill a Mockingbird. She looks so sad in these old photos. I think her name fits her cause she's such a little fighter.

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