How They Keep Cows Safe From Lions In Africa (4 pics)

Botswana, has one of Africa's largest wild lion populations estimated at 3,000 and they have been a huge problem for local farmers and their livestock. To keep lions at bay and farmers' cows protected, conservationist Neil Jordan had a very interesting solution to this problem. He suggested painting eyes on cows' butts. Jordan said that we he was on a field trip, he watched a lion stalk an but then abandoned his prey when the animal turned and looked at the predator. That's when he thought that perhaps it was the eye contact that made the lion to back off. They tried this idea out on a herd of cows. They painted eyes on a third of a herd on one farm. The results were promising. Lions killed three of the 39 unpainted cows but none of the 23 painted cows was eaten.