A Soldier Found Pallets On Deployment And Made A Table Packed With Patriotic Pride

One of the most popular things on the internet these days is a DIY project, more specifically, DIY pallet projects. People are obsessed with being able to make something out of trash or upcycling items as to not be so wasteful. Summertime always reminds me the Fourth of July. I must admit than as soon as the weather warms up, I feel a little more patriotic. What does it all mean? It means that I’m going to be showing you a DIY patriotic pallet table that would be the pride of any red-blooded American’s collection.
Christian Reed is a soldier with the US ARMY who recently graduated as a Mechanical Engineer from MIT. While deployed in Afghanistan, he happened upon some used pallets and decided to make something special with the wood that would otherwise just be wasted. This wasn’t a difficult project, by any means, but this patriotic pallet will most definitely make your chest swell with pride and make you want to pull a salute to the great red, white and blue. Christian Reed ranks this as a 3 out of 10 on his difficulty scale and says, “If I can build this in a desert with a few old power tools full of sand and 110 degree plus weather, you can too!”
Recent MIT graduate and ARMY officer, Christian Reed.

Christian Reed happened upon some discarded pallets and decided he was going to upcycle them into something productive. The idea of the DIY patriotic pallet table was born.

The pallets were disassembled and worked into usable pieces of wood. This included being sanded down and removing damaged portions that would not function well once transformed into a table.

The size of the table needed to be decided to figure out what size the pieces would need to be to complete the project.

A simple frame is constructed for support and stability of the table top, as well as a place to attach the legs.