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White House’s New Cross-Dressing Spokesman Came Straight From Biden’s Wokest Agency

  The White House’s controversial new cross-dressing spokesman was brought over after t hree years at the Department of the Interior, an age...

 The White House’s controversial new cross-dressing spokesman was brought over after three years at the Department of the Interior, an agency that has embraced far-left ideology perhaps more than any other in the Biden administration, a series of investigations from The Daily Wire reveals. 

Tyler Cherry, the former communications director at Interior, was just named an associate communications director for the White House. His promotion from his post sparked inquiry into his social media history, which turned up numerous posts expressing a far-left ideology. 

“Time to recall that the modern day police system is a direct evolution of slave patrols and lynch mobs,” Cherry posted to X, formerly Twitter, in 2015. “Praying for #Baltimore, but praying even harder for an end to a capitalistic police state motivated by explicit and implicit racial biases,” another post reads. One post simply stated “Abolish ICE,” referencing the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, a law enforcement body within the Department of Homeland Security that enforces immigration law. 

Cherry also made several posts complaining about white people. “Iowa is 92% white – why is it still first in the nation?” he stated in reference to the timing of the state’s presidential primary elections. “Ah yes, Dems MUST cater to uneducated white men or be damned! Jeez Lousie,” Cherry said in another post.   “Why is my whole family RACIST?” Cherry, who minored in gender studies, also wrote on the social media platform. “Cheersing in bars to ending the occupation of Palestine – no shame and f— your glares #ISupportGaza #FreePalestine,” one 2014 tweet read. 

The fact that Cherry was in a leadership position at the Department of the Interior could explain it’s hard-left turn under Biden.

The agency celebrated “transgender day of visibility” earlier this year by screening a documentary about LGBT inclusion in the field of marine biology, The Daily Wire previously discovered. “After realizing the lack of LGBTQ+ visibility in marine science led her to abandon her childhood dream, Nicole Morris decided to re-route her life path to try and become a marine biologist, to conserve endangered rays,” a description of the film reads. 

“I had to ask myself ‘was marine science something that a queer woman could do?’” the subject of the documentary inquired. 

Interior also hosted an “ally awards” ceremony where bureaucrats performed a “diversity poem reading,” Daily Wire host Matt Walsh revealed. “Don’t exclude me due to a lack of knowledge. Welcome me like the recruit fresh out of college,” one line of the poem says. “Let me take a seat at the table, even though I may be differently able.”

“I’m diversity, embrace me and we’ll journey far. I’m diversity, include me and we’ll reach the shining star,” the poem went on to say. 

Interior has a number of different identity-based employee resource groups, organizations within federal agencies that commonly push for diversity, equity, and inclusion policies or celebrations within the federal government. 

Cherry deleted his posts after they were reported online and in the media, with the White House official issuing a statement backpedaling from his statements. 

“Past social media posts from when I was younger do not reflect my current views. Period,” Cherry said.

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