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Saudi Arabia lets 50-year U.S. petrodollar partnership expire, portending the END of the petro dollar

  Federal Reserve Notes (FRN) are  on the chopping block  after oil giant Saudi Arabia decided not to renew its 50-year petrodollar partners...

 Federal Reserve Notes (FRN) are on the chopping block after oil giant Saudi Arabia decided not to renew its 50-year petrodollar partnership with the United States.

At midnight on June 9, 2024, the longstanding partnership officially came to an end, allowing Saudi Arabia to start selling oil and other goods in non-U.S. dollar currencies such as the Chinese renminbi and yen, the euro, and digital cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin.

Hastening the global shift away from the U.S. dollar, the expiration of the Saudi Arabia petrodollar contract, which was originally signed on June 8, 1974, is sure to send major shockwaves throughout the global financial system. Technically first established in 1972, the petrodollar system came to be after the U.S., controlled by the private Federal Reserve banking cartel, decoupled the U.S. dollar from gold backing.

The subsequent 1974 agreement between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia basically added new backing to FRNs, which are little more than Monopoly-like money that is printed at will and backed by absolutely nothing besides illusion and deception.

Another purpose for the petrodollar agreement with Saudi Arabia was to motivate the Middle Eastern country to ramp up its oil production while cooperating with other nations to trade for oil using the U.S. dollar, which is no longer the case. 

Saudi Arabia announces Project mBridge, a new multicentral bank CBDC platform

Instead of renewing the petrodollar agreement with the U.S., Saudi Arabia has instead decided to roll out what it calls Project mBridge, a multicentral bank digital currency (CBDC) platform that involves both central and commercial banks working together to facilitate trade without the petrodollar.

"The CBDC is built on a distributed ledger technology for instant cross-border payment settlements and foreign exchange transactions," reported Newsmax.

It turns out that the Federal Reserve is fully on board with this transition away from the petrodollar into a new CBDC paradigm. This is a controlled demolition of the existing world order, in other words – much like 9/11, this was all planned for such a time as this.

Currently, more than 26 nations are members of mBridge, including the following:

Federal Reserve Bank of New York

International Monetary Fund

World Bank

European Central Bank

Reserve Bank of Australia

Bank of Israel

Bank of France

Central Bank of Bahrain

Central Bank of Egypt

Central Bank of Jordan

Bank of Namibia

South African Reserve Bank

The following five financial institutions are credited with spearheading Project mBridge, collaboration for which began in 2021 while the world was being distracted by the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) "pandemic," which was merely a cover for these dirty deeds of darkness happening in secret:

BIS Innovation Hub

Bank of Thailand

Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates

Digital Currency Institute of the People's Bank of China

Hong Kong Monetary Authority

"Instead of being based on gold like it was in the 1970s, the U.S. dollar is now based on oil price," one commenter wrote about these developments. "When the excess oil dollars hit the market, they will be worth less, which is just like printing more dollars – so the value of the dollar will crash, hence more inflation."

"A few economists have warned us about this and now it's come to bear."

Another wrote that over the past 20 years, the U.S. government has printed and spent 30 trillion "fake dollars," believing that their financial crimes will never catch up with them.

"Some of you remember the high prices and long lines in the '70s – well, looks like we may go through this again," wrote another.

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