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Newsom Blames ‘Conservatives And Delusional California Bashers’ For His State’s Failures

  California Governor   Gavin Newsom   (D) blamed the political Right for the failures of his state during the 2024 State of the State addre...

 California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) blamed the political Right for the failures of his state during the 2024 State of the State address that critics said sounded like a campaign launch event.

In his 28-minute speech, Newsom claimed that right-wing forces were “threatening the very foundation of California’s success” and that California’s culture was “the antidote to the poisonous populism of the Right, and to the fear and anxiety that so many people are feeling today.”

“The California way of life we recognize is under attack,” he claimed. “For conservatives and delusional California bashers, their success depends on our failure. They want to impeach the very things that have made us successful, as a tactic to turn America toward a darker future. They do so in the name of ‘liberty’ and ‘freedom.’ They want to roll back social progress, social justice, racial justice, economic justice, clean air, clean water, and basic fundamental fairness. They would cleave America from the principles of freedom and the rule of law. And in the process, throw our economy and, in many respects, society as we’ve known it, into chaos.”

Newsom’s claims are not tethered to reality in any meaningful way as they ignore basic realities, like the fact that more people have been leaving California than any other state in the country. Newsom also has recklessly spent the state’s resources and is now running a massive multibillion-dollar budget deficit every year.

He claimed that California has led the way with dealing with President Joe Biden’s border crisis, a false claim that reporters have called him out on in the past.

Newsom claimed that California was leading the way with fixing “America’s homelessness problem,” even though his state has by far the largest homeless population in the country.

He claimed that “wall-to-wall right-wing media coverage” about the crime epidemic in his state was completely false and that his state was safer than Florida, which is false.



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