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G7 planning to escalate war by using frozen Russian assets to give billions more to Ukraine

  The Group of Seven (G7) gathering in Italy just ended last week, and  the plan  this time is to finagle a $50 billion fund for Ukraine tha...

 The Group of Seven (G7) gathering in Italy just ended last week, and the plan this time is to finagle a $50 billion fund for Ukraine that will be backed by frozen Russian assets.

The Biden regime is pushing the European Union (EU) and other G7 nations to set up the fund quickly so the Zelensky regime will be flush with cash for his war well into the future.

The money will technically be a "loan," and it will be paid back over time using income derived from frozen assets from Russia's Central Bank. Right now, the United States and its allies have frozen about $280 billion in Russian Central Bank funds, most of which is currently being held in Europe.

President Biden recently signed a law giving himself the power to steal the $5 billion in Russian assets being held in the U.S., but the EU is not as keen on stealing all of the Russian assets it currently has in its possession. The EU instead agreed to a plan to use the interest from the holdings to provide about $3 billion per year to Ukraine, which Volodymyr Zelensky says is not nearly enough for his liking.

As a compromise, the U.S. wants to provide Ukraine with a massive loan that will allegedly get paid back over time with the profits from the stolen frozen assets.

 How will Russia respond to the threat of asset theft by the West?

To put it simply, the U.S., the EU, and Western powers in general think they are going to just stroll on out the door with hundreds of billions of dollars' worth of frozen Russian assets for Ukraine and get away with it. How foolish can they be? 

President Putin is in the process of setting up military armaments all around the U.S. for an attack, this after the West upped the ante in its economic war against Moscow. Russia is also planning to seize U.S. assets in the coming days as a retaliatory measure.

Putin signed a decree this week allowing Russia to seize any U.S. assets as necessary to compensate for the frozen Russian assets that are being stolen by Western ghouls to help Zelensky.

"The decree could be applied to any American individuals or companies that have assets in Russia, and it came after President Biden signed a bill into law that gave him the power to confiscate Russian assets and use them to pay for aid to Ukraine," reports

"Putin's decree would allow the Russian central bank or any companies that lost assets in the U.S. to apply to Russian courts 'with a claim to establish the fact of unjustified deprivation of his rights to property due to a decision by a U.S. state or judicial authority and to receive compensation for said damage.'"

The U.S. has indicated that it will not follow through with stealing frozen Russian assets unless all of its allies agree to do the same. After all, this is a lot of money that Putin is sure to want to get back – and likely will get back through whatever means once the time is right.

As for the $3 billion per year that the EU has offered to Ukraine, Zelensky scoffed at it, calling it "almost nothing" while demanding that his Western backers hand over all Russian assets immediately.

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