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Walt Disney World Resort Guest Voices Concern About Suspected Male Portraying Evil Queen: Report

  A  Walt Disney World Resort  guest was reportedly disappointed with “Story Book Dining” at Wilderness Lodge in Orlando, Florida. Upon enco...

 Walt Disney World Resort guest was reportedly disappointed with “Story Book Dining” at Wilderness Lodge in Orlando, Florida. Upon encountering a character portraying the Evil Queen from “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” He believes the employee was a biological male

The unnamed Disney guest reached out to the fan blog That Park Placeto voice his concerns, discussing how he and his family had been looking forward to meeting the Evil Queen during their visit. 

He said his kids posed for photos with the Evil Queen who “without a doubt had a man’s voice.”

“I told my waiter that I had a problem with something. He then asked what was the issue and I simply stated I have a problem with Evil Queen being a man dressed in drag. The waiter immediately said he was going to get a manager and he looked panicked,” the guest reportedly told the blog.

“At first I said I wanted to formally complain about the Evil Queen being a man and that I felt very disrespected by Disney because this is not the sort of thing my family values and they didn’t give us any type of notice that this sort of thing was even a possibility,” he continued. 

“I stated we are a conservative Christian family, I’m spending $8,000 on this current trip in addition to the tens of thousands I’ve spent together in the past at Walt Disney World and Disney Cruises, and that this is not right,” the guest continued. 

“For the most part the manager just listened and never once apologized for anything. At one point the manager stated ‘I can assure you that she is a woman.’ She went even further, trying to shame me, informing me that ‘she’ was so excited to get the part as the Evil Queen. For a brief moment I thought ‘oh… maybe I’m wrong’ but then I realized that I was just being gaslighted,” he said.

“I politely told the manager that ‘I know what you are doing and that I do not appreciate the fact that you are trying to be funny and disingenuous.’ So since the manager doubled down I also doubled down and asked, ‘Is the Evil Queen a biological male?’ The manager’s reply was, ‘I’m sorry sir, I cannot answer that.’”

clip of an employee portraying the Evil Queen was posted on X and has 5.5 million views. It was an excerpt of a YouTube video posted in January from an account reviewing a Story Book Dining experience at Artist Point located inside Disney’s Wilderness Lodge in Orlando.

The person behind That Park Place reportedly spoke with several anonymous cast members who work with the individual in question. 

“The only thing I personally feel safe saying as a statement is that Inclusion is a Key for a reason,” the anonymous source said, citing one of Disney World’s new policies. “It’s the newest Key the company has introduced. Inclusion means Everyone Belongs. Guests and Cast Members alike. No matter who you are, no matter how you identify, if you’re cisgendered, trans or non-binary, you can be a performer. Especially a look-alike one.”


Disneyland made headlines last year when photos and videos showed male cast members in dresses greeting guests at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, as The Daily Wire previously reported

These changes have been seen ever since Disney parks updated its uniform policy in 2021 to allow employees, or as they’re referred to in the park, “cast members,” to wear gendered clothing of their preference regardless of their biological sex.

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