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Trump says DEATH PENALTY a proper punishment for “antisemitism” in America

  Many people, including his supporters, missed it, but about five years ago Donald Trump  spoke at a rally  about how he believes the punis...

 Many people, including his supporters, missed it, but about five years ago Donald Trump spoke at a rally about how he believes the punishment for "antisemitism" in America should be the death penalty.

To a crowd of cheering supporters, Trump appears to have been referring to a deadly shooting at a local kosher grocery store in New Jersey that he described as an "evil antisemitic attack" that he called "an assault on all of us" – or it could have been about the synagogue shooting that happened around the same time.

"It's an assault on humanity," Trump continued – watch the video below.

"It will require all of us working together to extract the hateful poison of antisemitism from our world. This was an antisemitic attack at its worst. The scourge of antisemitism cannot be ignored, cannot be tolerated, and it cannot be allowed to continue – we cannot allow it to continue."

Whenever antisemitism is detected, Trump wants it to be "condemned." Not only that, Trump also wants all Americans to "stand with our Jewish brothers and sisters to defeat antisemitism and vanquish the forces of hate – that's what it is," which to him means killing all offenders.

"Through the centuries, the Jews have endured terrible persecution, and you know that – we've all read it, we've studied it, (and) they've gone through a lot. And those seeking their destruction, we will seek theirdestruction," Trump said to loud roars of applause.

"Now when you have crimes like this, whether it's this one or another one or another group, we have to bring back the death penalty. They have to pay the ultimate price. They can't do this. They can't do this to our country. We must draw a line in the sand and say very strongly: never again." 


Who is Trump really?

Dr. Jane Ruby brought this all to everyone's attention on X the other day, warning her followers about Trump's stance. Like many others in politics, Trump seems to be a Jewish supremacist who views crimes against Jews as being worse than crimes against other people.

There are already laws on the books to deal with criminal activity, but Trump apparently feels as though there needs to be special laws in place that afford Jewish people an extra layer of protection.

"From the Abraham Accords to the death penalty ... the central bankers have gone too far," commented Information War correspondent Ann Vandersteel about the above video footage.

"It's a metaphor or a strong arm scare tactic, don't worry," responded another. "All shall be revealed and nobody can stop it."

Another shared a longer version of the video to make the claim that Trump is calling for the death penalty for murderers in general, and not just those who murder because of "antisemitism."

"Trump wants the death penalty for whoever the ADL deems antisemitic, which is basically 97 percent of the planet," responded another in contradiction to the above claim about the longer video.

"Trump is selling lethal 'vaccines' and wants the death penalty for disobeying AIPAC, Netanyahu, and ADL?" wrote another.

"Yes, he is a Zionist who supports the Noahide laws," wrote another about who he thinks Trump really is.

What do you think? Is Trump a deceiver who speaks out of both sides of his mouth, or is he simply misunderstood? Let us know below.

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