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Sharika Soal: Black People Are Committing Hate Crimes In America And It’s Time To Talk About It

  Hate crimes have always been an uncomfortable topic to discuss. There is never an appropriate time to bring up these heinous acts. With al...

 Hate crimes have always been an uncomfortable topic to discuss. There is never an appropriate time to bring up these heinous acts. With all the talk of wars and genocide going on, along with the never-ending topic of trans-identified males demanding everyone call them fifteen different pronouns. There never seems to be any right time to talk about this topic without being labeled a “Nazi.”

Regardless of that fact, it appears what America has come to know as a “hate crime” has transformed in the last ten years right before our eyes. Again, no one is allowed to mention this without some consequence due to the offenders being non-white, which is starting to become a dangerous pattern of overlooking violence and dysfunction in non-white communities for the sake of ending racism, including the black community.

This is ridiculous, and it’s proving to be a fatal blind spot the longer it goes ignored. It could also be said that this pattern isn’t exclusive to just American states. If you look at the trend of “Kill the Boer,” we have witnessed on enormous platforms like YouTube, where a video was uploaded directly to the SABC News channel. a South African news organization with the video being titled “I won’t stop singing Kill The Boer.” This is odd when the content of the footage contains literal death threats to non-white farmers from an African political figure.


The liberal media isn’t helping matters. You have to comb through hours and hours of links on Google to find any mention of Anti-white crimes that aren’t on a graph. Most articles omit the offender’s race, making it hard for the average reader to get a real-time picture of what’s happening in America. You would think hate crimes would be at the top of the list of priorities to eradicate, but for some reason, the masses seem to believe hate crimes against Whites and Asians aren’t pressing issues that affect the safety of everyone. Imagine the resentment that’s creating. Black Americans won’t have to worry about old 1860s-style racism when the ongoing hate crimes and 24/7 anti-white social media content are making what I would call a very justifiable new racism.

Discrimination and prejudice, in my opinion, can be justified over long periods and documented offenses from one group towards another, especially when those offenses are self-videotaped by black Americans and happily posted to social media for likes and views. Just recently, a 19-year-old man named Alford Lewis from Houston, Texas, admitted to targeting white people in an attack “prank” for views and social media likes. His friend, who filmed the attacks and could be heard laughing behind the camera, was also charged with the crime.

Per usual, only a few liberal media outlets accurately described the hate crime. When Ida B Wells set out to alert the world of lynchings, no one believed her. They demanded to see proof. So she went out again, this time with a camera, and got proof, and soon after that, a brutal truth was published in the paper. Now, here we are in 2023, and we have decades of filmed and audio-recorded footage of black American men and women attacking non-blacks in broad daylight. All while ghetto black America dismisses these crimes as “reparations” because, of course, anytime a black person gets into a physical altercation with anyone non-black, the only thing or people to blame is “white supremacy.” I say that with dripping sarcasm.

What isn’t a joking matter is that here we are in 2023. Black people are committing hate crimes on camera and laughing about it in comment sections on TikTok and X (formerly Twitter), but unlike Ida B Wells, it doesn’t look like anti-hate crime America wants to do anything to stop the cancer from spreading, and It is spreading. I’ve said it before because I believe it needs to be said. Hating white people is a trend. Black violence is also a trend, and the two mixed will not have a happy ending in the history books of Americans. Being black is no excuse to be excluded from the list of races who torture and oppress other people based on race. It’s happening right now, whether we talk about it or not.

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