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SCHOOL HELL: Students at Infamous Hillcrest High School in Queens Filmed Beating Security Guard (VIDEO)

  Students at infamous Hillcrest High School in Queens beat a uniformed guard at the school in the hallway. Last Monday Hillcrest High Schoo...


Students at infamous Hillcrest High School in Queens beat a uniformed guard at the school in the hallway.

Last Monday Hillcrest High School in Queens made national headlines after students rioted in the hallways after learning a Jewish teacher had attended a pro-Israel rally in New York City.

The pre-planned riot started on Monday in what students called “a pre-planned protest’ over the teacher’s Facebook profile photo, which showed her holding a poster saying, ‘I stand with Israel.’


The female teacher hid in her classroom for hours until it was safe for her to leave the building.

On Sunday New York City Council woman Vickie Paladino released a second violent video from Hillcrest High School that was reportedly taken a week befor the riot.


In the video students were filmed stalking and beating a uniformed school safety officer.

The school was trying to cover this up. Councilwoman Paladino asked her constituents, “What else are they hiding up?” 

Councilwoman Paladino had this to say on the incident.

An anonymous source within the DOE shared video with my office of students at Hillcrest High School brutally attacking a uniformed school safety officer.

This event apparently happened a week before the riot.

The school administration tried to cover this up in the same way they tried to cover up the riot.

It’s clear that the administration of Hillcrest is totally compromised and either unwilling or unable to do what’s necessary to provide a safe environment to their students or their faculty. Furthermore, they seem more than willing to cover up crimes committed by their students in service of a political narrative, and to prevent these criminal students from facing consequences.

Were it not brought to the attention of my office, this may have remained covered up. And who knows what else they’re hiding at this point.

This cannot continue. Hillcrest High School must be shut down pending a full and thorough investigation, and the administration must be held accountable. Furthermore, the students who committed these acts must be arrested immediately and face appropriate criminal charges.

This cannot continue in our schools. Order and discipline must be restored. We’ve tried ‘progressive’ educational theory for far too long, and it’s gotten us absolutely nowhere. Our students and our city deserve far better than this.

It would be interesting to see the average test scores from Hillcrest High School. Can you imagine trying to learn anything at that madhouse?

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