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Globalists weaponize food and energy supply to pave the way for global “Holodomor”

  Agriculture in Western nations such as the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe is being destroyed by globalist ideologies. Even th...

 Agriculture in Western nations such as the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe is being destroyed by globalist ideologies. Even the wars in the Middle East and Ukraine can be realized to target food and energy supplies to bring about mass starvation in line with their genocide and depopulation missions.

Holodomor means "death by hunger," as was intentionally inflicted on Ukrainian peasants during 1932-33, killing at least five million people. Prof. Andrea Graziosi of the University of Naples said that it was the first genocide that was methodically planned out and perpetrated by depriving the very people who were producers of food of their nourishment for survival. Technocracy News wrote that during this time, the majority of rural Ukrainians, who were independent small-scale or subsistence farmers, resisted collectivization. They were forced to surrender their land, livestock and farming tools, and work on government collective farms (kolhosps) as laborers. About 4,000 local rebellions against collectivization, taxation, terror and violence by Soviet authorities in the early 1930s were recorded by historians. The Soviet secret police and the Red Army violently suppressed these uprisings and they arrested tens of thousands of farmers. They were shot or deported to labor camps.

Mike Adams, founder of the free-speech platform tackled how “Holodomor” is now being engineered to destroy people by starvation. During the October 25 episode of "Brighteon Broadcast News," Adams likened the 1930s Holodomor to the current situation in Gaza, where Israel put a blockade that cut the supply of food, water, energy and fuel. "It just tells you what the globalists intend to do to all of us. Understand that no matter what you think of the different players in the Middle East, Israel v. Hamas, what you are watching is a model of what globalists are planning to do to all of us, regardless of our ethnicity, religion, country, or skin color. It is going to be a global Holodomor," he warned.

He also pointed out the Russia-Ukraine conflict, where the producers of food are being withheld from the food they produce. "What is especially horrific is that the withholding of food was used as a weapon of genocide and that it was done in a region of the world known as the 'breadbasket of Europe,'" he cited Graziosi's statement pertaining to Ukraine during the Holodomor.  

Adams further set the West’s hoax narrative of the climate crisis as an example. It is currently causing the world to work toward the total elimination of fossil fuels as sources of energy, even without enough electric energy grid infrastructures to support the energy requirements. He revealed that a total of $21 trillion in new investment is needed in electrical infrastructure to go "net zero" and 13 million tons of copper to be mined each year in seven years to build power transmission lines.

The electrical infrastructure expansion is close to impossible, a "pipe dream" that won't happen, the BBN host said. The unattainable goal will leave people with no reliable energy infrastructure which will affect worldwide agriculture. This is designed to drive a farming collapse.

U.K. Defense Secretary pays tribute to Holodomor victims

U.K. Secretary of State for Defense Grant Shapps paid tribute to the victims of the 1932-1933 Holodomor in Ukraine during a recent visit to the United States. The official said he laid a wreath at the memorial to the Holodomor victims in Washington and paid tribute to those who are defending Ukraine's freedom today. "90 years ago, millions of Ukrainians died in a genocide engineered by the Soviet Union. Now, the lives and livelihoods of millions of Ukrainians are again under threat," Shapps tweeted on X.

His social media posts received mixed reactions from X users. Some thanked him for remembering the victims but some pointed out the hypocrisy in this act. "Resign," one simply replied. Another one asked: "How much did this photo opp cost us, Grant?" There was another user who commented: "He's thinking 'I wonder what I could get for this in cash converters?'" "What about the lives of millions of Palestinians who are being killed at the hands of the terrorist Israel and continue to do so with your consent and support? Hypocrites! The whole lot of you. The sooner we see the backs of you the better!" @SarahHethe68290 replied to Shapps's post.

In another post, Shapps said he and Lloyd Austin, his U.S. counterpart, had discussed the assets the U.S. and the U.K. have deployed to the Eastern Mediterranean to contain escalation and restore stability in the Middle East following the Hamas terrorist attack. There were also unofficial claims that the U.K. had supplied Ukraine with most of the defense equipment it could have given without risking its own defense potential. Shapps also announced tens of thousands of artillery projectiles for Ukraine. He also revealed the U.K.'s plans to train 30,000 more Ukrainian military personnel.

Critics could not help but recognize the two faces the British official is showing to the public. One face is sympathetic to previous genocide victims and the other one supports ongoing wars with weaponry, despite awareness that many are dying and many more will in the coming days as the wars are being waged both in the Middle East and in Ukraine.

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