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'Shut up!': Fans reportedly storm out of Dave Chappelle show after comedian criticized Israel's bombing of Gaza

  Fans reportedly walked out of a recent   Dave Chappelle   stand-up comedy show after the legendary comedian criticized Israel's bombin...

 Fans reportedly walked out of a recent Dave Chappelle stand-up comedy show after the legendary comedian criticized Israel's bombing of Gaza.

Chappelle reportedly made the incendiary remarks during a stand-up comedy show at the TD Garden in Boston on Thursday. 

Chappelle delved into the polarizing topic by saying none of the Harvard and Columbia students should lose their jobs over public statements supporting Palestinians and blaming Israel for the recent conflict that has taken the lives of more than 5,700 Israelis and Palestinians. A law firm rescinded letters of employment for three law students who signed the anti-Israel document.

An audience member allegedly yelled at Chappelle to "shut up!"

The Wall Street Journal reported that the heckler "drew an emotional response from Chappelle, who criticized the Israeli government for cutting off water and other essentials to Gaza and accused it of killing innocent people, according to the attendees."

Chappelle reportedly told the heckler to shut up, according to an alleged audience member who recalled the eventful comedy show. 

Chappelle claimed that the U.S. government had taken "billions of dollars" to "go kill innocent women and children."

Chappelle allegedly accused Israel of committing "war crimes."

Many in the crowd applauded Chappelle for retaliating against the heckler. 

Some of the comedy crowd members shouted, "Free Palestine!" Meanwhile, others screamed, "What about Hamas!"

However, some audience members stormed out of the comedy show, according to witnesses.

Chappelle conceded that the surprise Hamas terrorist attack was not the "right" thing to do.

A spokeswoman allegedly told Fox News that Chappelle denied performing in Boston on the date in question. However, Chappelle's website and the TD Garden site list Chappelle as a performer. The spokesperson did not provide any other comment on the situation.

This isn't the first time that Chappelle has angered some of the audience at his comedy shows.

In May, a San Francisco-based blogger became furious when the comedian pointed out how much the city had deteriorated because of crime and homelessness.

In November 2022, Chappelle made some eye-raising remarks while hosting "Saturday Night Live," which some have deemed to be anti-Semitic.

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