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PALLYWOOD: “GAZA MAN” Sings, Cheers, Cries, Nearly Dies, and Recovers Within Hours – Identified as Saleh Aljafarawi, an Actor with Own Instagram Page with Almost 2 Million Followers (VIDEO)

  “Gaza Man” – Sings, Cheers, Cries, Nearly Dies and Recovers within hours. Gaza Man was first discovered when Hamas was lobbing missiles in...


“Gaza Man” – Sings, Cheers, Cries, Nearly Dies and Recovers within hours.

Gaza Man was first discovered when Hamas was lobbing missiles into Israel.  The terrorist group that runs the Gaza Strip with an iron fist, attacked Israel on Oct 7, killed over 1,300 innocent people, and kidnapped over 200 innocents, primarily women and children.

At this time, “Gaza man” was literally singing in the streets of Gaza.  But then Israel retaliated, and he was on cameral crying like a baby.


This Hamas actor was then found in critical condition in the hospital one day and the next day, he looks like he had a very rapid, and successful recovery.

Here’s the video:

According to far-left Reuters, injured teenager who lost his leg misidentified on social media.

“Posts online suggest that the same person faked an injury from an Israeli attack – but personal identifiers prove the two clips show different people,” the outlet wrote.

Here’s another video of him.

Here’s the compilation:

Here’s another video of him singing to an allegedly injured child.

According to X/Twitter’s community notes, “This man is a musician and actor who can be seen in many different videos from Gaza. Altogether, these videos are very likely to be staged.”

Upon further investigation, The Gateway Pundit found his Instagram account. The Gaza man seen in the videos is Saleh Aljafarawi, a video creator with almost 2 million Instagram followers.

The made-up scenes by Gaza man are reminiscent of “The Pieta” photos from 2007, where the Islamist extremists took a picture of a man in rubble after an Israeli attack.  Jim Hoft at The Gateway Pundit outed this fake news event.  The picture was later named International Picture of the Year:

Good acting wins International Picture of the Year Award honors!

Sports Shooter reports that The Pieta won first place in the “Human Conflict Picture Story” division.
You do remember this Hezbollah photo fraud don’t you?

Back on August 8, 2006 during the midst of the Israeli-Hezbollah war, the New York Times published this photo of the sweating, dust-free, cap-at-side-holding “victim” of Israeli bombings with the caption:

The mayor of Tyre said that in the worst hit areas, bodies were still buried under the rubble, and he appealed to the Israelis to allow government authorities time to pull them out. (Photo Tyler Hicks The New York Times)

Bizzyblog forwarded the “Dead Guy w/ no dust” photo here in the morning thinking that this guy looked pretty clean for a bomb attack.
There was a reason for that…

An anonymous commenter at this blog put the pieces together on this Hezbollah photo fraud by late in the afternoon.

Here’s another video of “Pallywood.”

“Pay attention to the “critically wounded” who is lying on the stretcher and pointing The actors carrying the stretcher stand and wait for instructions while “the dying person is about to die.”

From Abu Ali Express:

The attached video, which was taken in Al Bireh this morning, perfectly expresses, in my opinion, the Palestinian pattern of action in almost every scene of conflict.

Here’s how it works: a Palestinian youth positions himself on the roof of a container with a makeshift “protective position”, taken from the remains of the fence of the “Military Center for Medical Services of the State of Palestine” 1.5 meters away from the IDF position.
Below, Palestinian medical services are waiting vigilantly (they know he will be injured) along with a large number of journalists who are documenting everything.

The Palestinian throws a stone using a slingshot at the IDF forces – and receives a precise shot in response.
The Palestinian “professional” rescue services are negligently evacuating him and probably worsening his injury….. and who is to blame?
El Yahud! (The Jews)

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