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Massachusetts Mom Researched ‘Ways To Kill’ Before Strangling Her 3 Kids, Search Warrant Reveals

  A Massachusetts mother accused of strangling her three young children before attempting to kill herself allegedly researched “ways to kill...

 A Massachusetts mother accused of strangling her three young children before attempting to kill herself allegedly researched “ways to kill” prior to the deaths.

Lindsay Clancy, 32, reportedly kept two notebooks discussing the medications she was on and her “suicidal expressions and thoughts,” according to a search warrant reviewed by Inside Edition. She reportedly wrote that she “confides in friends” about her mental state.

The warrant was filed on March 15 but only recently unsealed. Police hoped to use the search warrant to access Clancy’s cell phone and tablet.

In September, Clancy was charged on three counts each of murder and strangulation for the deaths of 5-year-old Cora, 3-year-old Dawson, and Callan, who was only eight months old, Inside Edition reported. Clancy was previously indicted in Plymouth District Court on two counts of murder, three counts of strangulation or suffocation, and three counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

The newer indictment, however, moves her case out of the district court and into Plymouth Superior Court.

After allegedly strangling her children, she attempted to kill herself and was hospitalized. She is now receiving psychiatric care at Tewksbury Hospital and is expected to remain there until November.

Clancy’s attorney, Kevin J. Reddington, said his client suffered from postpartum depression and was overprescribed medicine.

Clancy used her cell phone to check the time it would take for her husband to return from errands so that she could strangle the kids and try to kill herself, prosecutors said in February.

She allegedly sent her husband to pick up dinner and medications from a CVS store so she could kill their children and herself, the Daily Beast reported. While he was out of the house, she allegedly strangled her children with exercise bands, killing the older children in the home and sending the youngest to a hospital, where he died later.

“The defendant did not take advantage of the situation when her husband left the home that night,” Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Sprague said during Clancy’s arraignment on Tuesday. “She created the situation. And she used Apple Maps to make sure she had enough time to strangle each child before her husband returned from where she sent him.”

Sprague added that it took at least four minutes to kill each child and that Clancy told a psychiatrist she “killed the kids because she heard a voice” and had “a moment of psychosis.”

During the hearing, Clancy’s husband, Patrick, said that his wife only used the word “psychosis” after speaking with a doctor hired by her defense attorney, the Beast reported.


Clancy appeared at her February arraignment from her hospital bed, where she had been left paralyzed from the waist down after jumping out of a window in a suicide attempt after allegedly strangling her children. She also cut her wrists and neck before she jumped.

Patrick reportedly returned home and found the house quiet. He searched for the children and found Clancy lying injured in the backyard.

“What did you do? Where are the kids?” the prosecution said he asked.

His wife allegedly responded, “In the basement.”

Patrick then called 911 and allegedly found the children in the basement with exercise bands still around their necks.

Clancy reportedly had “suicidal ideations in December of 2022 … and on one occasion had thoughts of harming her children,” the prosecution said, according to People magazine. She committed herself to a Boston psychiatric hospital on January 1, prosecutors added, but was released on January 5. On January 24, she allegedly killed her children and attempted suicide.

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