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Hawley: DOJ Should Investigate Who’s Funding College Anti-Israel Protests

  Missouri GOP Sen. Josh Hawley blasted academic institutions where student groups have launched demonstrations supporting Hamas terrorism a...

 Missouri GOP Sen. Josh Hawley blasted academic institutions where student groups have launched demonstrations supporting Hamas terrorism and blaming Israel.

Hawley spoke with Fox News’ Sean Hannity.

“Let’s start with our colleges, our universities,” Hannity began. “We had a debate on this show last night, Senator. We had Cornel West and Alan Dershowitz debating this issue, Cornel West mostly agreeing with the Harvard groups, all 31 of them, on the issue of blaming Israel and Israel only, and said things needed to be more ‘nuanced.’ And I’m like, we’re talking about supporting terrorists. How is it that a prestigious university like Harvard could have students this, frankly, dumb and ignorant? Makes me want to send my kids to a state school any day over that institution.”

“You know, and that same institution, Sean, as I recall, was quick to fly the flag of Ukraine over Harvard yard, but now, when Israel is under attack, their terrorists are murdering children, cutting off the heads of babies, they want to wipe Israel off the face of the map,” Hawley pointed out. “Let’s be honest: They would kill every Jew in the world if they could.”

“That’s what the terrorists want and to be silent in the face of that or to celebrate it as these crazy student groups are doing? What I want to know is who’s funding these student groups,” Hawley declared. “I hope the DOJ is investigating where the money is coming from. Are there terror groups who are part of these networks who are infiltrating our campuses? This is crazy stuff that we’re seeing on these campuses, and for these administrators to have their hand out and take federal money, taxpayer money, and (on) the same dime be silent or silently condone this kind of terrorism, it is just grotesque.”

Earlier this week, a joint statement from dozens of groups of Harvard University students blamed Israel for the violence and atrocities committed by the deadly terrorist group Hamas in its attack against the Jewish state.

Despite Hamas committing war crimes, entering civilians’ homes and murdering babies, children, women, mothers, and fathers, brutalizing the victims, the students claimed it was “entirely” Israel’s fault.

“We, the undersigned student organizations, hold the Israeli regime entirely responsible for all unfolding violence,” the Harvard Palestine Solidarity Groups on the Situation in Palestine wrote. “Today’s events did not occur in a vacuum. … The apartheid regime is the only one to blame.”


Anti-Israel, pro-Hamas demonstrations have occurred across the country at various college campuses. “Various campus chapters of Students for Justice in Palestine, a national organization that advocates for Palestinian liberation, released statements applauding the attack,” Inside Higher Ed reported.

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