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America’s Largest Cities Ramp Up Security As Anti-Israel Rallies Hit Streets After Former Hamas Chief Called For ‘Day Of Jihad’

  City and state officials in New York and California will implement heightened security measures Friday as hundreds are expected to gather ...

 City and state officials in New York and California will implement heightened security measures Friday as hundreds are expected to gather in America’s largest cities for anti-Israel rallies. The rallies on Friday fall on the same day a former Hamas chief called for a “day of Jihad.” 

The NYPD is preparing for a large demonstration in Times Square as New York City Mayor Eric Adams said officials are “deeply disturbed by the message of hate urging violence in our communities.” Adams’ concern was echoed by New York Governor Kathy Hochul, but Hochul added that officials currently did not have intelligence indicating “any active threats,” Fox 5 reported.  

“There is currently no intelligence showing any active threats in New York, that is, the entire state of New York,” Hochul said. “But in a moment fraught like this, we will continue to exercise elevated vigilance and impose measures to deteriorate any potential violence.”

The NYPD’s critical response and counterterrorism commands stand ready to be deployed, the department said, telling all officers to report in uniform. Hochul added that New York has also fully activated the state police and directed the National Guard to patrol key areas, according to Fox 5.

Thousands of people gathered in the city earlier this week to show their solidarity with Israel, but a large group also hit the streets of the Big Apple on Thursday to support Palestinians and condemn Israel. Anti-Israel rallies were held at Brooklyn College, Hunter College, and Columbia University, where a Jewish student told The Daily Wire he was attacked on campus by a pro-Palestinian activist who was tearing down fliers raising awareness about Israelis who have been taken hostage by Hamas.

On the other side of the country, the LAPD is also boosting its security after concerning threats on social media in southern California, KTLA reported. Santa Monica and Beverly Hills police departments along with the LAPD have put out statements confirming they know about the reported social media posts and have increased security at synagogues throughout Los Angeles County. 

“We don’t have credible threats to this area right now, but that doesn’t mean somebody that’s working by themselves may see that and decide to take some action,” LAPD Assistant Chief Blake Chow. “We’re really asking everybody to be alert.”

Former Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal called for people across the Muslim world to join the fight against Israel and hit the streets of their cities on Friday. 


“We declare next Friday, ‘The Friday of the Al-Aqsa Flood,’ as a day of general mobilization in our Arab and Islamic world and among the free people of the world,” Meshaal said in a statement sent to Reuters. “It is a day to rally support, offer aid, and participate actively. It is a day to expose the crimes of the occupation, isolate it, and foil all its aggressive schemes. It is a day to demonstrate our love for Palestine, Jerusalem, and Al-Aqsa. It is a day for sacrifice, heroism, and dedication, and to earn the honour of defending the first Qibla of Muslims, the third holiest mosque, and the ascension of the trusted Messenger.” 

Hamas terrorists killed over 1,300 people after invading Israel last Saturday, slaughtering Israeli families. Over the course of the week, the scale of Hamas’ atrocities against the Israelis has become more evident. During their attack, the terrorists targeted the most vulnerable, including raping and killing young women and slaughtering children and infants.

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