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American Who Survived Hamas Attack Shocked Over Anti-Semitic Protests: ‘I Feel Safer There Than In U.S.’

  A 28-year-old New York woman who survived   Hamas ‘ massacre at an outdoor festival in southern Israel two weeks ago says that she is stun...

 A 28-year-old New York woman who survived Hamas‘ massacre at an outdoor festival in southern Israel two weeks ago says that she is stunned to see anti-Semitic protests in the U.S. and that she now feels safer in Israel than in her home country.

The Palestinian terrorists launched the sophisticated attack on October 7 on various locations along the Israeli-Gaza border. More than 1,400 Israelis were murdered during the attacks along with more than 30 Americans. At the festival alone, hundreds of people were gunned down.

“A lot of people have asked if I’m scared to go back to Israel after everything that’s happened, and my honest answer is … now more than ever, I want to move to Israel,” Natalie Sanandaji told the New York Post. “Even with everything going on, I feel safer there than I do in the U.S. right now.”

Sanandaji, who is part Iranian and part Israeli, said that even though she lives in a Jewish community, she has seen some of her friends hide their faith because they are scared.

“There’s people in Europe drawing Jewish stars on people’s doors if they know it’s a Jewish home,” she said. “A lot of what is happening right now are things that happened right before the Holocaust.”

She said that anti-Semitism takes root inside a person after they have been exposed to “propaganda.” She said a common lie is that “this fight is Palestine vs. Israel” when, in reality, it’s Israel vs. Hamas.


“Whatever your stance on Palestine vs Israel is your stance — and all the power to you — but what people have to understand is that’s not what this fight [is about] right now, this fight is Israel vs Hamas, a terrorist organization that is just as complicit in the deaths of innocent Palestinians as they are in deaths of innocent Israelis,” she said.

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