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California school board bans flags on campuses that are not the American or state flag

  The Temecula Valley Unified School District in California has apparently approved a policy that will ban flags on campuses that are not th...

 The Temecula Valley Unified School District in California has apparently approved a policy that will ban flags on campuses that are not the U.S. or state flag. This comes after heated comments took place during a school board meeting.

Fox News Digital reported that any other flag people want to use on school campuses must be approved by the district's superintendent. 

While there were several people who claimed that the ban was specifically aimed at the pride flag, there was no mention of a particular flag by the board.

During the public comment session, one speaker urged people to "get with the times" and "embrace diversity."

"You can ban our flags, you can erase us from textbooks, you can out us to our parents, call us groomers, but like the sun, we will shine. We don’t need an agenda for that."

"It makes me so upset, and that is the reason why I'm up here," one woman said. 

"That I have to go to my child's school and see a rainbow flag hung on a wall. We don't need to know what your personal sexual preference is."

An audience member thanked the Temecula Valley School Board President Joseph Komrosky and other school board members, saying: "We also know that you have been repeatedly attacked and threatened by the loud minority in Temecula for simply carrying out the will of the people." 

"Please know that you’re not alone. We’re here with you — feel your pain and we got your back."

The board ultimately decided to pass the ban with a 3-2 vote. Komrosky went on to mention that the U.S. flag and California state flag represent unity, and that other flags "simply do not serve that function."

"Thankfully, TVUSD is now complying sufficiently with CA Ed. Code, as the majority of the board voted in an administrative regulation (AR) that ensures that we have a standard American flag, and CA state flag in all of our classrooms, so that they can be displayed properly," he said.

"This way, our teachers can lead the students in our daily Patriotic exercise, and the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, that is required by law. CA Ed. Codes 233.5, 38117, 52720, 52730, and 60200.5, all supported my motivational attitude for this needed change, as they highlighted the concepts of patriotism and American citizenship, amongst others, that our students need to know about and practice."

The Temecula school district recently passed a policy that allows parents to be notified if their child identifies as transgender, which is just the latest in a wave of California school districts that have pushed for a similar measure.

The two school districts that have passed parental notification policies are Murrieta Valley Unified School District and Chino Valley Unified School District. But a judge blocked Chino's propose policy earlier this month, which apparently led to the state's Attorney General Rob Binta to denounce the district's actions.

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