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‘You Can’t Ask For A Better Husband Than That’: Casey DeSantis Recounts Emotional Breast Cancer Battle

 Casey DeSantis   had nothing but praise for her husband Republican Florida Gov.   Ron DeSantis   and all the support he gave her as she rec...

 Casey DeSantis had nothing but praise for her husband Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and all the support he gave her as she recounted her emotional battle with breast cancer.

Florida’s first lady and her husband, who is a leading GOP presidential candidate for 2024, spoke to NBC News while on the campaign trail about her cancer battle after being diagnosed in October 2021 before being declared cancer-free a year later.

“He [DeSantis] was there for me, and he was there to go pick up my kids when I couldn’t,” Casey said. “And he did it with humility, and he did it with love.”

“And, I’ll tell you what, you can’t ask for a better husband than that,” she added, as she started to get emotional.

When pressed by the interviewer how it felt to have his wife say that about him, the governor quoted marriage vows.

“In sickness and in health,” DeSantis replied. “That’s what you sign up for. She’s not only my wife, she’s my best friend. And so this is just what you do.”

In October 2022, Casey praised her husband for all his support during her battle with cancer.

“If you want to know who Ron DeSantis really is, when I was diagnosed with cancer, and I was facing the battle for my life, he was the dad who took care of my children when I couldn’t,” Casey said.


“He was there to pick me off of the ground when I literally could not stand,” she added. “He was there to fight for me when I didn’t have the strength to fight for myself.”

The GOP governor announced on October 4, 2021 that the state’s first lady was diagnosed with breast cancer. She underwent six rounds of chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation. In March 2022, the DeSantis office shared the news that his wife was cancer free.

“After going through both treatment and surgery for breast cancer, she is now considered cancer free,” the governor said. “All of you who have given thoughts and prayers to my family and my wife, thank you. It’s lifted her spirits and made a tremendous difference.”

The first lady of the state added, “There are no words to express how truly blessed, grateful and humbled I am to hear the words cancer free. To those who are in the fight, know there is hope. Have faith and stay strong.”

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