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University Of Texas At Austin Hosts ‘LGBTQIA’ Allyship Training, Warns Of ‘Heterosexual Privilege’

  The University of Texas at Austin will host workshops on “affirming LGBTQIA+ people” and LGBT allyship, which warn of “heterosexual” and “...

 The University of Texas at Austin will host workshops on “affirming LGBTQIA+ people” and LGBT allyship, which warn of “heterosexual” and “monosexual” privilege.

The university’s Gender and Sexuality Center hosts a number of different workshops for students, staff, faculty, and administrators, which “use an intersectional approach to foster and develop allyship practices that center affirming people of color as necessary for affirming women and LGBTQIA+ people.”

The center will host two workshops next month: “Affirming LGBTQIA+ People: Interpersonal Advocacy” on August 1 and “Affirming LGBTQIA+ People: Organizational Advocacy” on August 3.

The site provides several workshop materials, including one form on “Heterosexual and Monosexual Privilege.” The document lists a total of 44 supposed privileges, including, “I can choose to be in a polyamorous relationship without being accused of reinforcing stereotypes against my sexual-identity group.” Another portion of the list reads “I can easily find representations of people of my sexual-identity group.”

The Gender and Sexuality Center also hosts one workshop titled, “Histories of & Accountability to Trans Feminisms,” which features a list of terms associated with “Transfeminism.” It defines the word “transfeminism” itself as “a movement by and for trans women who view their liberation to be intrinsically linked to the liberation of all women and beyond.”

It also defines “transmisogyny” as “The intersection of transphobia and misogyny that systematically targets trans women” and “misogynoir” as “The intersection of racism, anti-Blackness, and misogyny that Black women experience.”

The term “sexism” is defined as “the systematic, institutional, pervasive, and routine mistreatment of women and femme people of all genders.”

The center also hosts numerous other workshops, including, “From Allyship to Advocacy: Supporting Transgender Communities,” “Intersectionality & Allyship,” and “Working Towards Gender Justice.”


Other resources from the center include a document titled “Affirming Asexuality” and “Affirming Transgender Students and Colleagues In Classrooms and Workplaces,” which tells teachers to “use gender inclusive language” and to “avoid statements like: ‘good morning, ladies and gentlemen.’”

The Gender and Sexuality Center also directs students who identify as transgender to University Health Services, which provides cross-sex hormone therapy.

Other state universities also host workshop programs similar to those at the University of Texas, Austin. The Daily Wire recently revealed that Ball State University, a public institution in Indiana, holds “trans safe zone” workshops, which also lament “cisgender privilege.”

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