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Orbán: Everything Must be Done to Prevent Ukrainian Offensive “Otherwise we will Lose Many Lives.”

  Viktor Orbán at Kossuth Radio   Speaking on his weekly  Friday interview on Kossuth radio , Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán today wa...


Viktor Orbán at Kossuth Radio


Speaking on his weekly Friday interview on Kossuth radio, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán today warned against a Ukrainian counteroffensive in the Ukraine-Donbass border dispute, which will “lose many lives.”

Western leaders have bought into the idea that “Ukraine can win the war with Western money and weapons”, Orbán said: “It will be very difficult to get off this war path.”

Hungary’s pro-peace stance means “we are on the right moral and political path”, Orbán said. People will sooner or later replace “pro-war governments” in Western counties, Orbán said, as “the vast majority of people are not in favor of the war”.

“The time is near when European leaders will recognize the truth of the Hungarian pro-peace position,” Orbán stated, warning that everything must be done to convince the parties that a ceasefire and negotiations are the best option before the launch of a Ukrainian counteroffensive, because “otherwise we will lose many lives.”


Speaking to Bloomberg’s John Micklethwait at the Qatar Economic Forum May 23, Orbán called the war “a failure of diplomacy” that should never have happened. “For us, it’s obvious that the battlefield solution does not work. The question is not who invaded whom, the question is what will be the situation the next morning? And the next morning, the fact is that more and more people will die, and there is no chance to have a victory on either side,” Orbán said.

According to him, the most important thing for the international political community is to save lives, as there is no chance to “win” this war.  Orbán elieves that a ceasefire is needed first, and “then we can start negotiating a new European security system”.

“My point is that the only peace talks and peace agreement that could end this whole conflict will have to be between Russia and the United States. Ukraine is very important, of course, but in longer-term strategic thinking, what is at stake is the future security of Europe. And it’s obvious that without the United States, there is no security architecture for Europe, and now the war can only be stopped if the Russians can reach an agreement with the United States. As a European, I’m not happy with that, but this is the only way out,” Orbán said.

Orbán said that in the United States, Democrats are “led more by ideology” than Republicans. Democrats regularly “try to convince people of their principles” and sometimes even “impose their will on others”, he said.

“I don’t like that. We have our own culture, our own way of life, please don’t interfere. Don’t educate us, don’t tell us what is right and what is wrong!” Viktor Orbán said. It is not the job of the Americans, nor of any other nationality, to tell Hungarians how to live, he continued, adding that “former Republican President Donald Trump understood this well.”

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