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Christian Google Employees Protest ‘Official Team Event’ Drag Show. Google Retreats.

  As Christian employees and assorted others from within Google launched a petition opposing an “official team event” featuring a public “Pr...

 As Christian employees and assorted others from within Google launched a petition opposing an “official team event” featuring a public “Pride and Drag Show” sponsored by Google, the company removed the event from the list of LGBTQ+ events in California promoted by Google and shifted the “official team event” onsite.

The show featuring “Peaches Christ” was intended to be the climax of a series of Pride events in the Bay Area for employees and the public; Google had described it as an event to “wrap up this amazing month,” according to CNBC.

Hundreds of Google employees signed the petition; CNBC reported that the petition stated the event would sexualize and disrespect Christian co-workers, charging Google with religious discrimination. “Their provocative and inflammatory artistry is considered a direct affront to the religion beliefs and sensitivities of Christians,” the petition stated of “Peaches Christ.”

“Google confirmed to CNBC that it no longer categorized the performance as a Google-recognized diversity, equity and inclusion event,” the outlet reported, adding that Google shifted the ”team event” to a separate social gathering at Google offices for employees.

“While the event organizers have shifted the official team event onsite, the performance will go on at the planned venue — and it’s open to the public, so employees can still attend,” Google spokesperson Chris Pappas stated.

He intimated that the petition was not a factor in the company’s decision, saying, “We’ve long been very proud to celebrate and support the LGBTQ+ community. Our Pride celebrations have regularly featured drag artists for many years, including several this year. This particular event was booked by and shared within one team without going through our standard events process.”

According to “Peaches Christ,” Google had initially scheduled the event in San Francisco rather than a conference room at the company’s Silicon Valley headquarters because he asked for the venue.

“In my world, Jesus has a sense of humor,” Peaches Christ told USA Today. “Yes, I did host a ‘Hunky Jesus’ contest. Yes, I support the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. Yes, my show is called ‘Midnight Mass.’ But the Jesus and the God I believe in does not care.”

“This is another example of the really disturbing rise in anti-queer and anti-gay rhetoric that is using drag performers and trans people as scapegoats,” he continued. “Anyone who knows me and knows my career knows that I use this drag character and name to present love, to make people laugh, to create entertainment and to create space for outsiders.”

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