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Four Illegal Immigrants Sue Two Republican Counties in New York for Banning Hotels from Housing Illegals

  New York City Mayor Eric Adams recently slammed Biden’s border policy, indirectly, by claiming that the migrant crisis is ‘destroying’ the...

 New York City Mayor Eric Adams recently slammed Biden’s border policy, indirectly, by claiming that the migrant crisis is ‘destroying’ the city.

Adams is finally experiencing what people who live near the border have known for years.

Adams says New York is at a breaking point due to the number of migrants who keep arriving in the city and needing services.

It was recently reported that it’s costing New York City up to $5 million dollars a day to house and feed illegal immigrants. 

New York City is one of the cities in New York that considers to be a sanctuary jurisdiction for illegal aliens. 

However, neighboring counties of New York City are worried about a new plan by Eric Adams to relocate illegal aliens out of the city.

 New York City has announced that it will begin offering to transport unaccompanied adult male illegal immigrants to two hotels in Rockland and Orange counties, despite strong opposition from local authorities in those areas. 

Republican Rockland County officials demanded that Eric Adams not bring his busload of illegal aliens to their community.

“This is absurd, and we will not stand for it. There is nothing humanitarian about a Sanctuary City sending busloads of people to a County that does not have the infrastructure to care for them. It’s the same as throwing them in the middle of the ocean with nowhere to swim,” said County Executive Ed Day.

“In his Road Forward Plan Mayor Eric Adams calls on the Federal Government to establish a strategy for each migrant’s arrival well before entry into the country that ensures this humanitarian crisis is dealt with in a coordinated manner. There is nothing coordinated about the situation but rather its duplicitous of Mayor Adams to surprise a locality that busloads of migrants are heading to their town,” said County Executive Day. 

“This screams out for solutions on the Federal level pertaining to our broken immigration system because any Federal lawmakers in support of this and Mayor Adams are not doing these folks any favors, quite the opposite; you’re not helping people, you’re hurting people,” County Executive Day concluded.

On Thursday, the New York Civil Liberties Union (ACLU of New York) represented four illegal immigrants who filed a lawsuit against Rockland and Orange counties for not allowing hotels to accommodate them.

“The New York Civil Liberties Union today filed a federal lawsuit against Rockland and Orange Counties for barring the arrival of migrants who chose to relocate from New York City,” the leftwing group announced.

“The two counties had issued executive orders barring hotels from making rooms available to migrants, in violation of the Due Process and Equal Protection clauses of the Constitution. The four plaintiffs are migrants who sheltered in New York City and opted into a city-run program to relocate.” 

“Today’s lawsuit asks the court to stop the two counties from interfering with migrants’ travel and lodging. NYCLU attorneys bringing the challenge include Amy Belsher, Antony Gemmell, Lupe Aguirre, Ify Chikezie.”

Years ago the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) was a civil rights organization that valued free speech, free thought, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion, and a free society.

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