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“F*ck You Americans!” – Illegal Aliens Swear at and Insult News Reporters in a Heated Exchange in El Paso, Texas (VIDEO)

  Reporters covering the crisis at the southern border in El Paso, Texas, were met with insults and threats from illegal immigrants. An immi...

 Reporters covering the crisis at the southern border in El Paso, Texas, were met with insults and threats from illegal immigrants.

An immigrant approached the reporters, clearly displeased, and demanded that they leave his people alone. The immigrant began cursing at Americans and law enforcement after claiming he was given two tickets for helping his countrymen.

“Turn around and leave my people alone,” said the angry immigrant. “I got another f*cking ticket for helping my people out. Another f*cking ticket, bro. I got two of them this week. First one for giving out water, and for the third one for giving out f*cking food [for] helping of my people. Sh*t. F*ck you guys American. F*ck El Paso. F*ck El Paso PD. F*ck the fed, [and] f*ck the Border Patrol.”

Reporter: You start destroying equipment out here? Come up, and start yelling at a camera like a fool and you want to know why people are upset?  

Immigrant: Why are you questioning my people, sir? 

Reporter: You own them? So you’re an owner?

Immigrant: No, these are my race. This is my bloodline. They’re all my bloodlines. 

Reporter: Guess what? We are an American and it’s a free country.

Immigrant: I am American too!

Reporter: Okay, then understand the Constitution! 

A second illegal immigrant who refused to be video recorded yelled at the reporters, “Don’t f*cking take me m*therf*cker.”

“You’re in America. It’s a free country, okay? So if you don’t want to be on camera. Go home!” one reporter responded.

“So this is what you get when you get illegal entry into this country, guys,” the reporter said at the end of the video. “This is what you get. You get people that disrespect this country, that don’t love this country. And don’t love the freedom. And this is what Joe Biden is bringing in.”

The heated encounter between the reporters and the illegal immigrants was caught on camera by Oreo Express Media. 


These are the types of people who hate America and who may soon be moving into your community.

According to FOX News reporter Bill Melugin, “Per multiple CBP sources, last night, CBP & Border Patrol leadership made decision to authorize all Border Patrol sectors to begin “safe” street releases of migrants to communities across border *if* NGO shelters and CBP facilities do not have the capacity to hold them.” 

“This means in coming days we will likely begin to see mass releases of migrants at bus stops, gas stations, supermarkets etc in communities across the border as illegal crossings continue to surge to record highs ahead of T42 drop in 2 days.”

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