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‘He Is Of Course Completely Right’: Walsh, Wheeler, Others Back Knowles’ Call To End Transgenderism

  Michael Knowles touched off a firestorm with his call for an end to the ideology of transgenderism Saturday, but many people on social med...

 Michael Knowles touched off a firestorm with his call for an end to the ideology of transgenderism Saturday, but many people on social media agreed with him – especially after hearing what he actually said and not the erroneous claims by leftist media sites.

Knowles told a crowd at the conservative event, formally known as the Conservative Political Action Conference, that men simply cannot become women, and women cannot become men, adding that society must help gender dysphoric people, not encourage them to seek sex changes.

“For the good of society and especially for the good of the poor people who have fallen prey to this confusion, transgenderism must be eradicated from public life entirely, the whole preposterous ideology — at every level,” Knowles told the gathering in Maryland.

By Saturday night, several outlets were falsely reporting that Knowles called for transgender people to be “eradicated,” even though he was clearly targeting an ideology, not a group of people. Some publications, including Rolling Stone and HuffPo, edited their headlines and stories to acknowledge that Knowles never called for “eradication” of any group of people. And when the dust began to settle, it turned out that Knowles had plenty of support for his argument.

“Transgenderism isn’t an orientation or anything we historically recognize; it’s an overwhelmingly new mimetic ideology where confrontationally transgressing against norms is part of the kink,” tweeted journalist Mark Hemingway. “The trans community are the aggressors here.”

Podcast star Liz Wheeler seconded Knowles’ call, saying the ideology he spoke out against is destructive toward children.

“Good day to everyone especially michaeljknowles who was absolutely correct when he said we should eradicate transgenderism – the cultural practice of indulging psychiatric delusion to the point of mutilating children’s healthy bodies & erasing women,” tweeted Wheeler.

Joel Berry, managing editor of The Babylon Bee, also echoed Knowles’ appeal.

“Transgenderism has a horrific suicide rate,” Berry tweeted. “And radical gender ideology is inducing gender dysphoria in record numbers of autistic kids and kids who are actually gay. Transgender ideology is literally killing kids.”

Knowles “didn’t call to ‘eradicate transgender people,’” wrote Jim Hanson, former Army special forces operator and author of “The Myth of White Fragility.” “Rolling Stone changed their headline to avoid a lawsuit. But Transgenderism, better known as Queer pedagogy Should be removed from public schools. It’s part of the destruction of normal.”


The Daily Wire has taken a strong stance against what the Left dubs “gender-affirming care” for minors, in which teens are encouraged to change their identities, given puberty blockers and even cross-sex hormones after displaying confusion about their genders. Many experts say these treatments can cause irreversible harm. Girls have even been put through double mastectomies at several clinics around the country.

Knowles’ fellow Daily Wire podcaster Matt Walsh, who has been a leading voice against the movement to help minors “transition,” said Knowles was on target with his comments at CPAC.

“He is of course completely right about this,” wrote Walsh. “Trangenderism as a concept and an ideology is false, poisonous, and destructive to both the individual and society. It needs to be destroyed entirely. The fight to save children from this lunacy is but one phase in the overall war.”

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