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Fetterman Posts Photo of Campaign Sign on Fire

  With polls showing his Pennsylvania U.S. Senate race rival Dr. Mehmet Oz   taking a slight lead   after his train wreck debate performance...

 With polls showing his Pennsylvania U.S. Senate race rival Dr. Mehmet Oz taking a slight lead after his train wreck debate performance last week, Lt. Gov. John Fetterman posted a photo Saturday of a campaign sign on fire, claiming it happened Friday night at a farm in “deep red Lawrence County”.

Apparently trying to ride the wave of outrage over the attack on Paul Pelosi, Fetterman used the photo to decry political violence and then posted a fundraising pitch:

“This happened last night on a farm in deep red Lawrence County. There is no place for violence and intimidation in politics. Our campaign is about bringing people together and rejecting hate + extremism. All Pennsylvanians should feel safe to show their political support…If you agree + you stand with our campaign, will you please consider chipping in a few dollars today? Thank you so much for your support.”


Observers noted the strange circumstance of the sign being photographed mid-flame with enough left to be identified as a Fetterman sign but no photo of the arsonist.

Jazz Shaw, “Incredible how you (or someone) managed to perfectly catch the sign in mid-burn with a camera at close range but nobody got a look at the perpetrator? What are the odds? Just amazing luck on your part, I guess.”

Right to Bear Memes has doubts:

Another poster responded with video of then-Mayor Fetterman vandalizing a business in Braddock.

Artist’s conception of the attack by Midnight Mitch:

The alleged arson comes just days after Fetterman was endorsed by the Pennsylvania Professional Fire Fighters Association:

“Today I’m grateful to receive the endorsement of the Pennsylvania Professional Fire Fighters Association, representing our brave firefighters + first responders. I look forward to partnering with their members to protect the Union Way of Life in the U.S. Senate”

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