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Democratic Party Group Rolls Out Independence Day Event, 'F*** The Fourth,' Deletes Tweet Only Hours Later

  A major county Democratic Party in Arizona announced that it would be celebrating the Fourth of July in a decidedly non-patriotic fashion....

 A major county Democratic Party in Arizona announced that it would be celebrating the Fourth of July in a decidedly non-patriotic fashion.

WARNING: This article includes images that contain graphic language some readers will find offensive.

The Pima County Democratic Party advertised a “F*** the Fourth” Independence Day event on its official Twitter feed on Friday.

Unsurprising, the tweet was deleted a few hours later, but not before multiple screen shots had been taken of it:

Pima County Democratic Party's deleted tweet
Pima County Democratic Party’s deleted tweet (@pimadems / Twitter screen shot)

The event was slated for Reid Park in Tucson, Arizona.

A graphic for the event billed it with the Tucson Women’s March, and the protest was framed as a mourning for the end of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court precedent.

Pima County is the second-largest county in Arizona.

Arizona itself is one of the most politically competitive states in the country. The state will hold elections for governor and a U.S. senator in November.

The county party also advertised the event on its Facebook page, but that post has apparently also been deleted.

In another post, the party pledged not to celebrate Independence Day until the federal right to abortion was restored. That post was inexplicably still present on Facebook after others had been taken down.

The anti-American bent of the planned protest attracted criticism from Twitter users.

Others questioned the wisdom of naked anti-American rhetoric from a major party months before an election.

Critics of the Democratic Party pointed to the tweet as evidence of the party’s anti-Americanism.

This kind of naked anti-American sentiment is more commonly seen from radical Antifa groups, rather than nominally mainstream Democratic Party groups. (Although, admittedly, browsing through the account’s Twitter feed gives the pretty clear impression that there’s nothing even “nominally” mainstream about this Democratic Party group.)

The Fourth of July commemorates the day on which the Declaration of Independence was ratified by the Continental Congress in 1776. American self-governance would later lead to the Founding Fathers’ creation of the United States Constitution.

The Pima County Democrats’ Twitter profile states that the group is involved in “[p]romoting Democratic values and policies.” The ad says to “Bring … your anger.”

You can do the math.

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