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Dem Senator Privately Presents 'Faglicious Homo' with 'Drag Queen Story Hour' Award, Doesn't Want Voters to Know

  Nevada Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto is running in one of this year’s most competitive senate races. This is likely why she tried to keep qu...

 Nevada Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto is running in one of this year’s most competitive senate races. This is likely why she tried to keep quiet her office’s presentation of a “certificate of commemoration” to drag queen Miss Ginger Devine for his work with children at the local library.

Unfortunately, the Washoe County Library didn’t get the memo.

Kudos to The Washington Free Beacon’s Collin Anderson for spotting this little gem. I’m sure Cortez Masto’s opponent, Republican Adam Laxalt, appreciates it.

Miss Ginger Devine, whose real name is Christopher Daniels, has been performing as a drag queen for over ten years in the Reno area and has read to children at local libraries since at least 2019.

WARNING: The following narrative and quotes contain information that some may find offensive.

During his college days at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, he worked for a campus organization called Sex Out Loud, whose mission is to educate students “about the world of kink, including role play, kinky toys, and bondage.”

Between 2010 and 2014, Daniels ran a blog, called “Confessions of a Drag Queen.” The site is no longer active, but Anderson combed through the archives and managed to uncover some pretty revealing content that might make parents think twice before bringing their children to “Drag Queen Story Hour.”

In a 2010 post, Daniels declared he was a “Broadway loving, Project Runway watching, rainbow scarf wearing, footlong Subway sandwich eating faglicious homo.”

In another, “Miss Ginger Devine” recounted an occasion when he “almost got into a fight with a 10 year old” at a local roller skating rink. He wrote that the “average individual in the establishment was 8.″

Daniels had requested the arcade play Cyndi Lauper’s song, “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” and a “band of stupid 10 year old boys” objected.

“Now … I am not entirely sure what happened next,” he explained. “I think it was the combination of flashing strobe lights, the pain in my calves from bracing myself on the floor, or perhaps Mars was in retrograde but I basically went off on this ten year [sic] and started screaming and ranting while skating around the rink. From what I remember it went something like this.

“Uh excuse me you prepubescent choir boy. What the f*** are you doing? What the f*** can you do? I can buy porn, cigarettes, and liquor and enjoy them at my leisure if I desire. I can drive, vote, and gamble if I want to. Join the 21st century you 8 year old Justin Bieber worshiping wannabe. Cyndi Lauper is TIMELESS so shut the f*** up and sit down.”

In a post from 2010, Daniels argues that “parental units of America” are wrong to suggest that sexually explicit materials are “influencing the young impressionable minds of the youth.” He called the idea “bullish**.”

“I would really like the parents of America who are outraged to remove the pole from your sphincter and get the f*** over it. Are you kidding me with all of this? Take a look around. Television shows are increasingly featuring more violence, more sex, and more foul language; a reflection of our society which as of late has more violence, more sex, and swears a hell of a lot more.”

In 2014, Miss Ginger hung up her “hooker heels” and retired for five years. In the meantime, calling himself “Reverend Divine,” Daniels delivered sermons at the Center for Spiritual Living in Reno, according to Anderson. In a 2017 sermon, he said drag queens were “God’s sacred messengers on this earth.”

After deciding to return to his drag queen career, he said, “When all of a sudden, God parts the clouds and he shines a light and tells you to take your wig off the shelf, don your best hooker heels, and go to church, you don’t question the good Lord, you just do.”

He called his comeback show “The Come On Her Back Tour.”

Given that Cortez Masto is facing a tough battle for re-election, we understand why, rather than showing up to present the award to Daniels herself, she enlisted one of her aides to do so. She wanted to keep her tribute to Daniels quiet. But why would she choose to honor such an individual in the first place?

Did no one in her office think to check into his social media history?

The Democrats’ recent glorification of drag queens makes little political sense. Yes, there are a number of woke parents who consider that exposing their children to drag queens is a good idea, but I’d be willing to bet they are dwarfed by the group of parents who vehemently disagree.

In a political climate that clearly favors Republicans, why would Cortez Masto make such a stupid, unforced error?

Did she really think that if her office didn’t publicize this event, no one would report it?

Maybe she believed in the old saying, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” Unfortunately for Cortez Masto, she just found out that protection doesn’t extend to Reno.

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