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Protester Holding 'F*** Matt Walsh' Sign Can't Name Single Thing Walsh Has Done to Make Him Hold Sign

  There are lots of reasons a leftist would protest commentator Matt Walsh. He’s  opposed to abortion  and gay marriage, critical of transge...

 There are lots of reasons a leftist would protest commentator Matt Walsh.

He’s opposed to abortion and gay marriage, critical of transgenderism and questions paid paternity leave.

When Alexandria Occasio Cortez blasted President Trump because her grandmother’s house in Puerto Rico was still damaged four years after Hurricane Maria, Walsh raised $100,000 through crowdfunding and criticized Cortez for not spending her own money to help her grandmother. 

Some on the right may even have issues with Walsh. South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem has only been considered as a 2024 presidential candidate because she is physically attractive, he has said.

So a fellow could name a lot of reasons for protesting Walsh.

Except when he can’t.

Asked by a reporter why he was holding a “F*** Matt Walsh” sign, a young man replied: “Uh, cause I think Matt Walsh is an idiot. And dangerous to people. 

“And — yeah. That’s all I really have to say on that.”

Asked to name one thing that angered him about Walsh, the young man said, “I’d have to go back and look through his Twitter. I know I see s*** all the time.”

But the inquiring reporter would not let him off the hook, pressing him for just one thing that bothered him about Matt Walsh.

At that point a female companion to the man stepped in: “Matt Walsh has consistently said that — um — you know, trans women are not real women, trans men are not real men when it’s proven by science that trans women are in fact women. Trans men are in fact men.

“It doesn’t have to do with your born sex; it is that you feel you are a woman, and that’s okay,” she continued. 

“You don’t have to conform to what — the –“

“Society says?” asked the reporter.


“Society says!” the young woman exclaimed.

Referring to the young man holding the protest sign, the reporter inquired if he wanted to identify as a woman today, we could label him as a woman. 

“She’s a woman,” corrected the female respondent.

“Got it. Gotta use the correct pronouns,” the reporter replied.

In her best whose-on-first voice, the reporter continued,“Alright. We’ve got trans women aren’t women.” Then she questioned the male holding the sign, “What about you?”

At which point the young woman corrected the reporter: “Trans women are women.” And the reporter countered by attributing the trans-women-aren’t-women claim to Walsh and asking the young man, “What about you? What does Matt Walsh say?” 

By this time it seems the poor guy had picked up the drift that Walsh is some kind of conservative, so he gave it a stab.

“Um. Let’s see. There’s a lot of stuff about — um — January 6th, like — honestly, I get so confused with all these right wing a*******. It’s hard to keep track of who says what.

“But I know I’ve seen some stuff he’s said, and I know I wasn’t a fan, so f*** him.”

WARNING: The following video contains vulgar language that some viewers may find offensive. 

The encounter with these protesters appeared to have taken place on a college campus, and it gives a poor picture of what is currently happening in higher education.

From many of the students to many of the faculty to many of the administrators, this is what our colleges and universities are increasingly becoming.

While it may seem ludicrous, in reality it presents a sad picture.

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