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NIH gave EcoHealth Alliance authority to self-police risky gain-of-function experiments in Wuhan

  Newly released communications   show that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) told the genetic engineering firm EcoHealth Alliance tha...

 Newly released communications show that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) told the genetic engineering firm EcoHealth Alliance that it was free to police its own high-risk gain-of-function research experiments in Wuhan, China.

What should have been given proper oversight by the NIH was handed over to the infamous Peter Daszak, whom we now know received funding from the NIH to tamper with bat coronaviruses at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV).

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) documents obtained by WhiteCoatWasteThe Intercept and the House Energy & Commerce Committee reveal that NIH officials were deeply concerned about the research being done by EcoHealth at the WIV, and on the taxpayer dime.

Beginning in May 2016, agency staff had what The Intercept described as an “unusual exchange” with Daszak. At the time, EcoHealth was entering its third year in a five-year $3.1 million grant.

In a 2016 progress report, EcoHealth revealed to the NIH plans to carry out two experiments in which humanized mice made from aborted babies were given hybrid viruses. These abominable creatures were dubbed “chimeras.”

Erik Stemmy, a program officer in charge of covid research, told EcoHealth that these deranged experiments “appear to involve research covered under the pause,” meaning research that had been banned by then-President Barack Hussein Obama.

This is the reason why many of our articles point out that gain-of-function research is and was illegal, even if it was offshored by Tony Fauci and his cronies over to China to be conducted in Chinese labs.

Even so, EcoHealth was conducting these experiments regardless of the law, and with the full approval and direction of Fauci.

NIH changed rules to allow EcoHealth to change definition of gain-of-function

Despite these concerns, the NIH still allowed EcoHealth to self-police itself with these dangerous experiments, as well as self-dictate its own newfound definition for gain-of-function that it used to try to conceal the true nature of the research.

“The NIH inserted several obscure reporting requirements suggested by EcoHealth that moved the goalposts of what constitutes GoF,” reported Zero Hedge, GoF referring to gain-of-function.

Much like what the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) did by redefining the word “vaccine” to include Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) injections, the NIH essentially rewrote the rules to accommodate EcoHealth’s illicit and highly dangerous research, which appears to have ultimately resulted in the plandemic.

The newly created “Potential Pandemic Pathogen Care and Oversight” rules, also known as P3CO, allowed EcoHealth to basically evade the rules entirely and do whatever it wanted with the grant money it was given.

“It’s absolutely outrageous,” commented Pasteur Institute virologist Simon Wain-Hobson. “The NIH is bending over backward to help people it’s funded. It isn’t clear that the NIH is protecting the U.S. taxpayer.”

Daszak responded to the NIH’s concerns about his group’s research by claiming that none of the viruses being tampered with were ever “demonstrated to infect humans or cause human disease” which doesn’t mean the same thing as proven to not infect humans or cause human disease.

Additionally, this claim as never verified and is unlikely to be true. And since the NIH refused to investigate the matter any further, instead defaulting to just accepting EcoHealth’s version of events at face value, the research continued.

House Republicans wrote a letter to recently-resigned NIH head Francis Collins looking for answers, but they never received any. Much like Fauci, Collins appears to have been in on the fix.

“Seems legit,” joked one Zero Hedge commenter, using sarcasm to make his point. “Mom, I investigated whether I took the cookie from the cookie jar and found no evidence I did so.”

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