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Byron York Explains Why Democrats Are Pursuing a 'Bad Faith' Impeachment in 5 Tweets

Earlier this morning veteran political analyst  Byron York  explained on Twitter why Democrats are pursing what he calls a “bad faith” imp...

Earlier this morning veteran political analyst Byron York explained on Twitter why Democrats are pursing what he calls a “bad faith” impeachment.
“Pelosi, Schiff cutting corners in rush to impeach. Didn’t call for special prosecutor a la Nixon-Clinton-Mueller. Decided to do investigation themselves. Easier to ensure desired result.”
“Didn’t subpoena Bolton. Wanted to avoid ‘rope-a-dope.’ Possibilities: 1) Afraid they would lose. 2) Afraid if won Bolton wouldn’t give them what they want. 3) In too much of a hurry”
“Now rushing case to Judiciary Committee. Intel revealing report, giving lawmakers all of 24 to assess, evaluate. Racing to beat political deadline of Democratic primaries.”
“Rush to impeachment, shortcuts on Ukraine after wanting to impeach for years, call into question Dem good faith in claiming they are acting reluctantly, with great sorry, because it is their solemn constitutional duty.”
York later tweeted “Here’s a factual statement some find impossible to accept: 1) Russia attemped to influence US 2016 election in big, organized, government-run way. 2) In much smaller, less systematic way, Ukrainian officials tried to influence the US election.”
Later York tweeted this:

Do you agree or disagree with Byron York on this?

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