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Hong Kong-Themed Cake Disqualified From British Baking Show

The West’s problematic relationship with the communist nation of China exhibited its toxicity once again when a British banking show disq...

The West’s problematic relationship with the communist nation of China exhibited its toxicity once again when a British banking show disqualified a Hong Kong-themed cake after it angered certain organizers.

According to Vice, an international cake show for the United Kingdom’s “The Great British Bake Off” ignited controversy last week when an exhibitor featured a cake that members of the “globalist” community would consider inappropriate.
“The dessert was presented at Cake International, the ‘world’s greatest cake show,’ and featured decorations like a tiny protester with a yellow umbrella and a large Guy Fawkes mask,” reported the outlet. “It also had a pretend record player and vinyl record designed with a bauhinia, the flower featured on Hong Kong’s flag. A video by its creator, Hong Kong bakeshop 3rd Space, shows the record revolving while the protest song ‘Glory to Hong Kong’ plays. Liquid nitrogen also swirled from behind the umbrellas to look like tear gas.”
In a lengthy Facebook statement, Cake International said that the cake was removed from the competition area after exhibitors complained “about its content” to the point of threatening to “damage the piece.” They, however, maintained that the disqualification stemmed from it being an “oversized exhibit.”
“In reference to the comments regarding a cake being disqualified from the cake international competition, we wish to clarify that the difficult decision to remove the piece from the competition area was due to complaints about its content with some threatening to damage the piece,” the statement read. “We have judged this entry based on the cake decorating skills and not the subject matter; unfortunately it was ‘not to schedule’ for that category (as seen below) as it states in the rules ‘No part of the exhibit can overhang the allowed area. Oversized exhibits will be disqualified.'”
The statement then touted Cake International as an “inclusive community” that allows a diverse range of cultures and viewpoints to express themselves.
“Cake International is an inclusive community and welcomes entries from across the world, this competition entry was not removed as a political statement but was disqualified as a direct result of it not being made in line with our competition schedule,” the statement continued. “We appreciate that this situation is sensitive and there are many passionate views across the world, our decisions are based purely on what is in the best interest for the cake decorating community and not as a statement of our beliefs or opinions.”
3rd Space organizers clarified in an Instagram post that the complaints indeed came from Chinese competitors.
“One of our teammates joined the cake international show and got disqualified due to complaints from Chinese candidates, claiming that this cake contains offensive content by promoting independence of Hong Kong,” read the post.
As noted by Vice, the baking show has featured political cakes in previous episodes.
“Cake International is not new to politically-themed cakes,” reported the outlet. “There was also a cake at the event that featured United States President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un dressed as babies, with a decorative bomb.”

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