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X (Twitter) activist blasts TRANSGENDER cult and TRANS allies for destroying children: “You’re not the good guys!”

  It is all the rage among far-left "parents" these days to groom their own children into becoming transgenders, but not everyone ...

 It is all the rage among far-left "parents" these days to groom their own children into becoming transgenders, but not everyone is happy about it, including this woman who has a few words to say to the trans cultists and their so-called allies.

While we do not know the political leanings of the person featured in the video below, we can say that she appears to be somewhat unconventional and not necessarily the type of person one would expect to publicly blast the transgender cult for anything.

"Everything about trans ideology is a lie; and it's a lie that is the exact opposite of the truth," says the woman, a popular X (formerly Twitter) user with a fairly large following whose video, as seen below, is quickly going viral for the powerful message it conveys.

"And it's a lie that is the exact opposite of the truth. Let's start with the basics: trans 'women' are not women. They are the opposite of women: they're men. And trans 'men' are not men: they're the opposite of men. They're women."


Mutilating children in the name of LGBT is a grotesque form of child abuse that creates lifelong "patients for profit"

One popular argument among trans cultists claims that "trans rights are human rights," but this, too, is a misnomer.

"Trans rights are not human rights granted to all, but special privileges demanded by a few that remove the human rights of women, homosexuals, and children," the woman explains.

"And trans rights activism is not a civil rights movement, the natural successor to gay rights, but a homophobic cult that has attached itself, leech-like, to gay rights, and is steadily killing the host."

Based on these statements, it would seem as though the woman in the above video supports gay rights herself, but is opposed to the attachment of the "T" onto the LGBT acronym.

"Within the double-think dystopia of the trans cult, gender-affirming care is sex-denying abuse that mutilates healthy bodies and creates lifelong patients for profit," she further states.

"And 'protecting trans kids' is, in fact, grotesque child abuse that destroys their puberty, fertility, and future. And so, your allyship is, in fact, your complicity in the greatest medical scandal since lobotomies. And in this dark and tragic chapter of human history, you're not the hero, babes, you're the villain."

These are powerful words that are sure to rile up trans cultists everywhere – and perhaps especially their allies, who seem to be taking it upon themselves to march with pitchforks every time their cult is challenged.

No form of LGBT is natural or normal, but there is something especially sinister about the transgender component, especially when it is aimed at children like it is today.

"They really are trying to force this new religion on everyone," one commenter wrote in response to the video, expressing support for its message.

"As a father of two little girls and a little boy, I thank you. We need more people speaking out as you do!"

Another wrote that the LGBT community "has been used as a shield for the radical trans community for too long."

"They will say that anyone opposing puberty blockers for kids is 'attacking' the LGB community when it's specifically opposing a radical part of the trans ideology."

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