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Kevin Sorbo Talks About Attacks On Masculinity In The Culture, New Children’s Book, And More

 Kevin Sorbo   talked exclusively to The Daily Wire about what he said are the ongoing attacks on masculinity in our culture from movies and...

 Kevin Sorbo talked exclusively to The Daily Wire about what he said are the ongoing attacks on masculinity in our culture from movies and TV — and said it’s why he wrote his new children’s book “Test of Lionhood.”

The 64-year-old actor said his book centers on a lion cub, who through a series of events, must face his own fears and accept a quest that “leads him to courage and strength” to save his sister. He said the reason he decided to do a kids’ book rather than one geared towards an older group is that kids today need to hear the message “let boys be boys and let girls be girls.”

“Look what we are doing to kids today from our public education system, through television and movies, this whole thing about toxic masculinity,” the “Hercules” star told us. “For decades now we have been trying to make men more feminine and we’re trying to make women more masculine.”

“We need our boys to become strong men who can lead their families, communities, in a more positive direction,” he added. “The Bible calls for us [men] to be providers. For men to be providers and that takes nothing away from women.”

The “Andromeda” star said it’s clear the “family unit is under attack,” especially fatherhood, not just in entertainment, but in every aspect of our lives.

“The Bible teaches us to honor the father, sitcoms teach us to dishonor the father,” he added. “For a confused generation of men, which we have now, it’s much easier for public schools, universities, TV, movies, government, to control that.”

“It’s a total opposite of a generation of men that are seeking the truth,” Sorbo continued. “Which is why I think they reject people like me who stand up for Conservative values and christian values.”

However, the superstar said he does see a sign of hope that people are getting tired of the woke agenda coming out of Hollywood, noting the success of the independent film “Sound of Freedom,” which did better at the domestic box office than Disney’s latest “Indiana Jones” movie.

“I think people are getting sick of the crap Hollywood’s doing,” Sorbo said. “Case in point Hollywood, Hollywood’s about to be on its way to lose well over one billion dollars in theaters this year.”

“What does that show you,” he added. “It shows you people are sick of this woke stuff … People are tired of the woke stuff from Hollywood and they are tired of the woke message.”

The actor, who has a new movie coming out of his Sorbo Studios in October called “Miracle In East Texas,” admitted “we got a culture battle on our hands. Hollywood’s winning it, but tied is turning. People are sick of it and the lions out there are waking up.”

“Test of Lionhood” can be found at Brave Books. And for information about his upcoming movie and to watch the trailer go to

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