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‘Get Over It’: Dana Loesch Says Democrats Have No Room To Oppose Dirty Hunter Biden Pics

  Syndicated radio host   Dana Loesch   let Democrats have it on Wednesday after they objected to photos Rep.   Marjorie Taylor Greene   (R-...

 Syndicated radio host Dana Loesch let Democrats have it on Wednesday after they objected to photos Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) shared during a recent Capitol Hill hearing.

The images in question showed President Joe Biden’s embattled son Hunter Biden in a number of compromising positions involving drugs, prostitutes, and sex acts in progress — and a number of critics took to Twitter to show their outrage over Rep. Greene showing them in a Congressional hearing.

Warning: Graphic Images below

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) objected immediately, asking whether those photos should even be shown in committee.

Occupy Democrats suggested that somehow Greene was the one “disgracing herself” by showing the photos — which came from a laptop that Hunter Biden had abandoned years earlier at a repair shop.

“Congratulations to the literally zero Republicans standing up to denounce Marjorie Taylor Greene for showing Hunter Biden revenge porn in the House of Representatives. take a victory lap, you gutless f***ing cowards,” Jeff Tiedrich complained.

Democratic messaging strategist Larry Huynh suggested that Rep. Greene should potentially be charged for violating Washington, D.C., pornography ordinances.

But as Loesch pointed out, the photos Greene showed before the committee could be considered tame compared to what some of those same people were advocating to keep in school libraries where children could have access to them.

“For all the people mad that MTG showed Hunter Biden’s naughty photos at the hearing, they weren’t any different from the images in the books that the left is demanding kids read in school so get over it,” Loesch began.

“That one image of him being ‘serviced’ by some woman looks like a reenactment from Gender Queer,” she added.

And Loesch was not the only one to make that connection.


Libs of TikTok tweeted, “Democrats get upset and try to silence @RepMTG as she shows images of Hunter Biden with prostitutes, claiming it’s ‘unbecoming’ These are the same people who want to keep porn available to kids in schools.”

Warning: Graphic Image

Rep. Byron Donalds’ office weighed in as well, saying, “According to @RepRaskin @danielsgoldman, the explicit images of Hunter Biden presented by @RepMTG are TOO RACY for the Oversight Committee & demanded they go away. These are the same Democrats that want this material IN OUR KIDS’ SCHOOLS. Please spare me the outrage.”

Warning: Graphic Image

Can’t believe @HouseDemocrats are clutching their pearls over the released images Hunter Biden took of himself and his lady friends. Thanks to woke administrators average elementary school library has books full of pictures that make Hunter’s escapades seem Amish in comparison,” The Federalist’s Margot Cleveland commented.

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