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Virginia Dept. of Health Removes ‘Queer Kid Stuff,’ Youth LGBT Resource List, Following Daily Wire Report

  The Virginia Department of Health  removed a list  of “National Resources for LGBT Youth” after The Daily Wire  reported  that it included...

 The Virginia Department of Health removed a list of “National Resources for LGBT Youth” after The Daily Wire reported that it included “Queer Kid Stuff,” an organization “working to actively destigmatize queer topics in early childhood spaces.”

The Virginia Department of Health previously included “Queer Kid Stuff,” which it described as “an LGBTQ+ and social justice website for kids and families.” Queer Kid Stuff explains that they hope to “actively destigmatize queer topics in early childhood spaces,” on its resource list. 

The Daily Wire reported that Queer Kid Stuff also emphasizes “queer identity, experience, and history at the core of all of our work with particular emphasis on unearthing historic erasure, honoring the Black and Brown trans women at the core of the modern (and historic) LGBTQ+ movement.”

The organization also states that they are “dedicating our primary efforts toward liberating all children from white supremacist systems.”

Queer Kid Stuff explains that they host an “LGBTQ+ educational web series for children ages 3+ hosted by a tie-wearing queer lady, Lindsay, and her non-binary best-stuffed friend, Teddy.”

Queer Kid Stuff even posted a video titled “What is Transitioning? to its YouTube channel. The video discusses cross-sex hormones, as well as “top surgery” and “bottom surgery,” two different types of sex change operations. 

In another video, two drag performers teach children how to make their own gay pride and transgender pride flags. Meanwhile, a different video, called “5 tips for making your classroom QUEER-INCLUSIVE,” instructs teachers to refrain from using the phrase “boys and girls.”

The Virginia Department of Health’s resource page for “LGBT youth” also included the QChat Space, a secretive online chat platform for LGBT-identified children as young as 13 years old. 

The online chat platform has hosted conversations on dragsex and relationships, “queer youth activism,” and “Finding Chosen Family.” The QChat website also features a button that allows users to quickly exit the site.

Queer Kid Stuff, the QChat Space, and the resource list for LGBT youth have been removed from the Virginia Department of Health website.

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