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Origin of ‘online leak’ of highly classified Pentagon intelligence explained in detailed analysis

  The most likely origin for the leak of highly classified intelligence from the Pentagon has been explained in   a newly published analysis...

 The most likely origin for the leak of highly classified intelligence from the Pentagon has been explained in a newly published analysis at The Conservative Treehouse.

“By now people are familiar with a New York Times (original source) story of a leak of sensitive classified information regarding U.S. operations in Ukraine and other geopolitical efforts. The New York Times was the first with the story, as shared with them by ‘senior Biden administration officials,'” the analysis opens.

The Times explained that the classified war documents containing confidential American and NATO plans to strengthen the Ukrainian military in preparation for an anticipated attack against Russian troops were shared on social media channels.

“…[L]et’s use this opportunity to expand our knowledge base, overlay the known frameworks that operate within our government, and simultaneously give a perspective that will not surface anywhere else,” TCT’s analysis continued.

The emergence of the story in The New York Times suggests that the key players involved in the background narrative of the issue are domestic intelligence interests. If the State Department had a stake in the matter, CNN would have presented the story. Alternatively, if a U.S. foreign intelligence operation had a stake in the issue, the Washington Post would have been the one to report the story, TCT noted.

According to the New York Times, the story is attributed to “senior Biden administration officials,” pointing to a U.S. domestic intelligence interest. This implies that the narrative is strategically directed towards shaping public opinion from the perspective of U.S. government domestic public relations. The intention behind this narrative is to influence a domestic audience with a motive towards a specific objective, the analysis said.

“Secondly, and in full alignment with the first point, the centerpiece of the story is focused on a leak that surfaces in ‘social media,'” the analysis continued. “This fits perfectly with the domestic intelligence stakeholders (DHS, National Security Council, etc). We know domestic intelligence operates in the backbone of social media platforms. An example is DHS and domestic Intelligence Community (IC) work as outlined in the Twitter files.”

“Put them together, a domestic IC product surfaced (being called leaked) into social media platforms containing portals controlled by domestic IC,” TCT explained further. “The domestic IC then report on the leaks to the outlet used by the domestic IC. See how these fit?”

By connecting the dots, one can infer that the domestic intelligence community may have intentionally placed the “classified information” on accessible platforms, only to later report on its leakage to media outlets that align with their narrative-shaping objectives, TCT noted.

“But why would the IC plant classified information, then turn around and report on the classified information they planted?  This is where you need to learn how the motives work, against a bigger picture,” the analysis continued. “The leak (planted information) and then the telling of the leak (NYT story) creates an opportunity for the domestic IC to frame a Russian dis/mis/mal-information narrative.”

How come the domestic IC would want to stir up a mis/disinformation story like this? TCT explained:

18 hours before the leak/story construct…[t]wo Russian gremlins, perhaps state sponsored, or perhaps just state aligned, tricked former French President Francois Hollande into admitting the U.S. government and western alliance were behind all of the events in Ukraine after 2014, with the expressed intention to construct a proxy war against Russia using Ukraine.

Russian Pranksters Vovan and Lexus, posing as former Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko, got French ex-President Francois Hollande to admit the Minsk Accords were a NATO ruse to militarize Ukraine, and Western nations overthrew Ukraine’s democratically-elected government in 2014.

As noted by Gonzalo Lira, “François Hollande, former president of France, confirms that the 2014 coup d’etat in Ukraine was part of a long-term plan to have Ukraine fight a proxy war against Russia. The Americans have been preparing this war since the Obama administration—it is now confirmed beyond doubt.”

Hollande’s admission supports the narrative of the U.S. using Russia as a scapegoat, including in the effort to discredit Donald J Trump. The U.S. had been planning a proxy war against Russia since the Euromaidan protests and the subsequent color revolution in Ukraine, which were initiated by the U.S. State Department and aided by American allies in Europe, said the analysis.

“This is the most explosive dose of geopolitical sunlight in years, and obviously these statements by Hollande were a serious issue for the White House and U.S. Intelligence Community. Hollande was tricked by two Russian pranksters into spilling the real story about Ukraine and U.S. involvement therein,” TCT noted.

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