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Give Them ‘Pandemic Amnesty’ And Here’s What They’ll Beg For Next

  If the pandemic brownshirts get “amnesty” for setting a generation of children back two grades and   wishing unemployment and even death  ...

 If the pandemic brownshirts get “amnesty” for setting a generation of children back two grades and wishing unemployment and even death on skeptics of a hastily formulated COVID vaccine, you can bet they’re going to seek a mulligan for another cause in a year or two: The systematic maiming of thousands of kids who became confused about their gender.

The Atlantic’s Emily Oster this week floated the idea of letting bygones be bygones over the pandemic lockdown madness. She wants amnesty from folks who weren’t allowed to hold hands with dying loved ones, schoolchildren abandoned to Zoom, normal people who were hounded and screamed at in supermarkets and department stores by mask Karens, and young, healthy workers who were fired because they didn’t want – and it turns out, probably didn’t need – a demonstrably flawed vaccination.

The debate about the COVID vaccines’ efficacy won’t be settled anytime soon, although there is strong evidence they may have saved the lives of many older recipients. But when it comes to the political reaction to the pandemic, Oster’s plea is a tacit admission that the science is settled: Masks were mostly useless, kids should have been in school, people had a right to decide whether they took the jab, and the finger-wagging yard-sign crowd behaved very, very badly.

The contempt with which the Atlantic’s proposal was met indicates no such détente will be forthcoming. And that’s a good thing, because if misinformed zealots backed by compromised scientists, social media performers, and a deeply politicized public health bureaucracy get their way, they’ll be back wanting off the hook for another case of mass psychosis.

More and more minors who once experienced gender dysphoria and “changed” their gender are detransitioning. Their stories all share a chilling sameness. They were alienated. People they should have been able to trust encouraged them to believe they were trapped in the wrong body. They were subjected to treatments ranging from puberty blockers to breast surgeries that left them even more unhappy and permanently disfigured.

For now, “the science” seems to believe that an exploding percentage of people under 18 are transgender, and “helping” them requires affirming the warped idea incubated in their heads by counselors, activists, and social media charlatans. Once-credible medical associations and prestigious hospitals support removing the breasts of young girls, injecting minors with hormones and drugs that will change them forever, and endorsing a mental condition that should only be addressed with love and therapy.

When the number of detransitioners hits the inevitable critical mass, it will become crystal clear to everyone equipped with a heart and a brain that it was all a cruel and grotesque illusion. Sterile and disfigured, they will form an army of anger at all those who participated in the monstrous experiment currently unfolding before our eyes. There will be nowhere to hide from their rage as they fully awaken to what has been done to them.

Those advocates of the hideously euphemistic “gender affirming care” will insist that they meant well. They will claim they were earnestly following “the science.” They’ll say no one could possibly have known that carving up confused adolescents would ruin their lives.

You can bet that they will once again ask for “amnesty.”

This time, it will be up to parents whose children were stolen by pronoun-obsessed groomers, boys whose journey to manhood will never be complete, and women who were born girls but will never be moms.

And they thought pandemic amnesty was a tough sell.

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